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  • Lynn Virgilio-Caron
    Lynn Virgilio-Caron

    And great tune!!

  • Shimira Warda
    Shimira Warda

    Unsubsribe needed

  • TheCrystal2nd.

    Roomie: I don’t care if they use auto tune as long as the final product sounds good. Also Roomie: I don’t hate acapella but they’ve used a lot of auto tune. Change it to 13 reasons why I hate glee club.

  • Fadwa Yousri
    Fadwa Yousri

    he better 'know' he wants to marry me and not 'think'. and yes it's cheesy but girls like that sometimes.

  • Cording Cabassag
    Cording Cabassag

    Also I like closer if you don't like it your gonna have

  • John

    PVZ and Bad guy work together

  • Keith Michael
    Keith Michael

    Springsteen is not an American patriot. "Born in the USA" is a slap in the face to Vietnam veterans. His left wing politics ruined his legacy. So sad.

  • Fadwa Yousri
    Fadwa Yousri

    Roomie looks so cute dancing 😍😍😍😍

  • Wolfgang Busenitz
    Wolfgang Busenitz

    Hot take... Crank that is so much better than savage love

  • Cording Cabassag
    Cording Cabassag

    Well I don't hear anything from the thing

  • Lucy Hulett
    Lucy Hulett

    Your Adam Levine, Sam smith, and Rick Astly were AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Angela Castillo
    Angela Castillo

    dude wtf go listen to amy winehouse right now

  • Shandian Araragi
    Shandian Araragi

    haha Fields of Gold was my groom/bride dance song! 20 years later, still married!

  • GamingBananaPlayz

    Why was the SLtoos selection so lame? There are better songs that came from SLtoos, c'mon man

  • Joel Mitchell
    Joel Mitchell

    frank ocean is a singer though?

  • Bogdan Dronca
    Bogdan Dronca

    Blinding lights now is an emote and that emote made people like the song.

  • Katelyn Obrien
    Katelyn Obrien


  • Anni

    8:36 I was happy I forgot that song.....

  • Tyler Carpenter
    Tyler Carpenter

    So converting Country to pop is a good way to make it interesting? I’m sure Roomie knows more than most about “modern music” but I think there is only one genre currently in modern music and that is “Mainstream” genres don’t exist due to this philosophy and everything is being blurred and mushed together to make music seem as if it came off an assembly line.

  • Columbidae

    Who else only knew the lyrics of the last one lol

  • Seth Madson
    Seth Madson

    Can you feel the love tonight is the song that resembles a song from a musical than any other on this list, something Joel cited as cheesier, because lion king is a musical. Joel's pop focus keeps him from fully understanding other genres. Edit: Redemption with Michael Bolton's Hercules song.

  • Lynn Virgilio-Caron
    Lynn Virgilio-Caron

    Sooo adorable

  • Kaitlin McKiernan
    Kaitlin McKiernan

    I’m kind of disappointed that Joel didn’t get to see the really crazy part of Shoes, especially since he’s never seen it.

  • hehe :3
    hehe :3

    "We will never be invated" *flashback 500 years ago when spain colonized the Philippines for 333years* chaw... anyways so-

  • Avoir Joseph • 5 years ago
    Avoir Joseph • 5 years ago

    Tiktok:3 SLtoos:4

  • snake

    "Pretty please.. I live in the US now I need health insurance"

  • Alyssa Morelock
    Alyssa Morelock

    When your listening to F*** love by Xxxtentacion "Im Nauseous, im dying" ad: ITS FUNNY

  • Maf Hassam
    Maf Hassam

    Joel looked so confused whether he liked city of angels or not

  • teddy yanto
    teddy yanto

    Actually if you listen the Malaysian national anthem fun fact they never win a war.... They gain the freedom from UK... Why not just add Indonesian national anthem...

  • Crystal Shard
    Crystal Shard

    Roomie. Why? I always live with your contradictions of my favourite songs but not giving the point to adder all and sugarcrash you make me cry

  • Ikapanganak

    9:09 😏

  • Mantis Appreciation Squad
    Mantis Appreciation Squad

    The ‘welcome back’ was at exactly 4:20... well played, Joel, well played

  • jiji

    This compilation was odd. They chose serious songs for TikTok but meme songs for SLtoos. Whoever made the list wanted TT to win.

  • Zachary Mosley
    Zachary Mosley

    React to Jeris Johnson!

  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez

    This is the reason why we have internet.

  • John


  • AJ Kurano
    AJ Kurano

    He wrote 16 in the title but has 17 styles LMAO 😂

  • Brote McA
    Brote McA

    Is it bad that I didn't know any of these songs?

  • Polish Remover
    Polish Remover

    The thing about daft punk music videos is they show a story if you watch them in order

  • loopy

    i just got an ad while vibing to PPAP, not feeling good😔

  • Katelyn Obrien
    Katelyn Obrien

    I'm litterly watching this at one in the morning 😂

  • Hannah McNabb
    Hannah McNabb

    when Joel comes in on dancing in the moon light is my all time favorite mini Joel vocal take. ♥️

  • Mannat sharma
    Mannat sharma

    jason taking credit again 🙄🙄🙄 the 920 mil was with BANGTAN

  • Quiksilver 1
    Quiksilver 1

    Could Roomie/Roomie's editors implement the band sabaton into a video? I just want to see what Roomie thinks of the band

  • 10 IPA 2 Diaz dalailama Ibnu haq
    10 IPA 2 Diaz dalailama Ibnu haq

    This isn't comparable

  • Mark Braun
    Mark Braun

    For the US national anthem, it was not the complete anthem's first verse.

  • Cheesy dude
    Cheesy dude

    How did Darude Sandstorm lose to the guy swinging his feet?

  • MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
    MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre

    The person who finds the rick roll in this vid will be the winner Reply to comment Apparently no one noticed or no one commented about it It's very important How can you guys do this terrible mitsake?? miTSake was on purpose 🤡 miSTake

  • Victor Tolentino
    Victor Tolentino

    i always see Harry Styles in your thumbnail

  • Kanoks 619
    Kanoks 619

    Roomie official stop being rasist man give Jerusalema some love, song it has 1billion views on Tik Tok it blew up in 2020 and it also have 360+ million views on SLtoos 😎.

  • Rafael Recinos
    Rafael Recinos

    the real "tell me why" winner is by The kid Laori

  • Victor Tolentino
    Victor Tolentino

    i see harry styles i clicked

  • Kisten butler
    Kisten butler

    3:21and 15:03 I have no idea if I just got Rick Rolled or not

  • Elizabeth W. Núñez
    Elizabeth W. Núñez

    Hearing this song 11:50 I couldn't think not other thing besides IPHONE by Rico Nasty

  • Leticia Costa
    Leticia Costa

    Disrespectful with Carmen Miranda so unnecessary

  • Ivy Doll
    Ivy Doll

    Joel disrespecting 'The Final Countdown' isn't acceptable 😔🤦🏻‍♀️😂 planning to have it played at my death bed 💀

  • JacobOfficial

    Joel: it's really old, it's from 1995 Our parents in the other room: what did he saaaaaaay

  • Munkhjin Sainbaatar
    Munkhjin Sainbaatar

    When you're a teenager and don't like Tiktok

  • Jojo Wong
    Jojo Wong

    The Paparazzi messed up lyrics are similar to Titanium's. Lady Gaga is singing lyrics from another section of the chorus.

  • Banjo Kaszooie 64
    Banjo Kaszooie 64

    Omg she is so upset am not like that when I get upset.

  • Guneet Rajan
    Guneet Rajan


  • Payton Cathcart
    Payton Cathcart

    but good thing im stayin' alive

  • Dani Boaventura
    Dani Boaventura

    8:43 a Mariah's performance that I can do!

  • Rakshit Dutta
    Rakshit Dutta

    Doesn't anyone care that roomie gave a point to ppap 😒😤😑

  • Wolf Rose
    Wolf Rose

    It sounds like a 13 year old wrote this😆😆

  • GeckoGC

    Savage Love annoys me because he took the beat, without credit and without royalties, from a teenager.

  • Payton Cathcart
    Payton Cathcart

    ruined my teen spirit

  • Skylight Studios
    Skylight Studios

    So I assume we’re all gonna be streaming all the songs we forgot about... Just me? Okay I’ll go

  • Mkitten

    It's not Lay Anne... its the girl spelling for Lee

  • CrystalOfficial

    me: i dont like your old cut... also me: I DONT LIKE YOUR CUT J

  • Michael Najoan
    Michael Najoan

    I'm really sad for the fact that TikTok is taking over in making songs go viral. Please guys, don't let this happen

  • Kade games
    Kade games

    WAIT, HOW DID I JUST NOTICE THIS??!! okay so that one guy in the music video for city of angels is literally the chef from a date with markiplier.. woa

  • Blackpink is the Revolution.
    Blackpink is the Revolution.

    I wish there were some K-pop.

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen

    Man really ended on uzis verse

  • denyse vargas
    denyse vargas

    999 for life

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C

    America is the most patriotic imo

  • Lyla Rahbari
    Lyla Rahbari

    Roomie please react to story by nf

  • saaga

    Me, a finn, seeing Darude Sandstorm: Yay Finland! Joel: Are they German?? Me: So I hear you’ve declared a war....Noel from RamenOfficial...

  • Slim

    Bruh the true. 15:38