Disney Singers vs Nickelodeon Singers
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Disney Singers vs Nickelodeon Singers
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  • blu_cheese

    i like nickelodeon better and besides ariana granda and liz gillies in Victorious I think Disney singing wise was better was what came out of it for those people

  • Rawan Ahmed
    Rawan Ahmed

    Why can't I sing like any of these people when I sing I sound like a dying pig 😂

  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday

    zendayer is my fav actress now singer

  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday

    lol im watching this as my sisters are watching victorious lmao

  • Taylenator

    Where is selena?

  • Michelle de Beraza
    Michelle de Beraza

    React to MAX and Keke Palmer in a second part, please... 🙏🏻🇲🇽

  • Virginia Hughes
    Virginia Hughes

    Zendaya is an amazing singer and actress, come on

  • Anas Alareqe
    Anas Alareqe

    Janette who??! Never heard of her Vanessa Hudgens was my crush back in the day 😍 So nostalgic when vanessa came up .. I wish she continued like miley, demi and ariana..

  • Kenneth Quarles
    Kenneth Quarles

    Well, Dolly is Miley's godmother

  • Nikita Fang
    Nikita Fang


  • Nikita Fang
    Nikita Fang

    "If people want what you're trying to give them here, there's sites for that, you know?" 🤣 so true

  • Simey Mora
    Simey Mora

    Drake Bell sounds exactly like Juanes when he sings in Spanish wth Haha

  • Chris draws 2
    Chris draws 2

    Why this picture 11:14

  • Mystery DuDe
    Mystery DuDe

    3:42 They sing songs and show papers and theres what voice they do

  • OverDramatic Goddess
    OverDramatic Goddess

    Did anyone else here the Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande collab?

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan

    Disney is the best

  • thatrandomgirl


  • Maddie Sigl
    Maddie Sigl

    I'm disappointed that they didn't include any of Vanessa Hudgens' Broadway performances or Zendaya's vocals in "The Greatest Showman". They are both very strong singers!

  • Consciously Kayla
    Consciously Kayla

    Never thought I'd see Roomie sing the Hannah Montana theme song 🤣 Also holy crap, Jeanette McCurdy sounded so much like Carrie Underwood 😦

  • Aaradhya Dhamija
    Aaradhya Dhamija

    I love what A man gotta do and Victoria jannet

  • Lilah Heifetz
    Lilah Heifetz

    How can you forget BTR?

  • viswajith saravanan
    viswajith saravanan


  • The ABacross
    The ABacross

    Jade from Victorious is the best Nickelodeon singer period

  • Samtistry Official
    Samtistry Official

    *Part 2*

  • Wilfred Goonack
    Wilfred Goonack

    Does told you that you sound like Dylan Sprouse

  • Sidney Patterson
    Sidney Patterson

    I’m so slow I just now realized Alex Wolff was the son in Hereditary

  • Anya Proctor
    Anya Proctor

    You're right, that music video was obscene !! Of course we feel uncomfortable watching it!!!!!

  • Ava Hornbeck
    Ava Hornbeck

    Holy smelly stuff I remember being here when you had > 1 million wow

  • Audrey Dane
    Audrey Dane

    They did not like each other

  • Akshaya Satheesh
    Akshaya Satheesh

    Okay so are we not going to talk about how selena wasn't in this video 🙄...

  • Bertie Geering
    Bertie Geering

    Roomie looking at Ariana Me My brain I think he has a crush on her

  • Claire Davis
    Claire Davis

    This has reignited my love for the naked brothers band.

  • Karla Paredes
    Karla Paredes

    If there's a second part it would be amazing to see big time rush and bridgit mendler

  • Annewint

    You can't do Victoria justice vs Hannah Montana (Miley cyrus)

  • Grace Ingabire
    Grace Ingabire


  • WWE Fan
    WWE Fan

    Victoria bullied Ariana Joel

  • Ayrissa Bindu Shafeek
    Ayrissa Bindu Shafeek

    I'll just leave this here 7:43

  • Cherry

    Is it weird that I feel like Victoria Justice is the Nickelodeon version of Selena Gomez...cuz that's what I think! lol

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams

    BUT, did he consider the HSM days of Vanessa Hudgens, because she should have won.

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams

    YES, please PLEASE check out more Nat and Alex Wolff, their music is so unique! They are actual musicians (and also pretty talented actors)

  • Totally_Not_Skyler

    He mentions umbrella around Zendaya 🤣

  • Magical Movies
    Magical Movies

    Let’s all agree that the best kids channel is PBS kids

  • Rabid Hog
    Rabid Hog

    11:40 wow that's where I get my clothes. Ouch.

  • Rabid Hog
    Rabid Hog

    No one: Demi lovato: KiSsY kIsSy BoO bOo

  • ajaynie ellis
    ajaynie ellis

    yaa ???? sus for u know

  • Pamela Coke
    Pamela Coke

    Ariana Grande iiii love uuuuu

  • It's Britney Bitch
    It's Britney Bitch

    Ari should be allowed to sexualise herself without people getting weird about it also show Ari actually singing her good songs next time where she shows her full vocal potential

  • // Flightless Bird //
    // Flightless Bird //

    Nice video I enjoyed it :)

  • Mariana Flores
    Mariana Flores

    when he sang diosa i enjoyed because its mexican

  • Tyler Shutt
    Tyler Shutt

    Ariana and Victoria hate each other’s music

  • Katharina G
    Katharina G

    Why not feature "all for us" or "rewrite the stars" by zendaya?

  • Alejandra Flores
    Alejandra Flores

    "camp rock" demi is giving major rachel berry vibes xD

  • Archan Vaya
    Archan Vaya

    Bro they just skipped Big Time Rush for Nickelodeon. Imo they should have matched them with Jonas brothers

  • Mahad Hussain
    Mahad Hussain

    I hate sneaker night

  • Melody

    If you do this again, please include Sabrina Carpenter!!

  • Melody

    I dont think that the matchup between the wolff brothers and the jonas brothers was fair because the jonas brothers were massive, whereas thw wolf bros never had the success that the jo bros had

  • ExE _TuRd 2
    ExE _TuRd 2

    Nick:yeaaaah I'm mannnnn Joe: WHAT kevin: WHAT

  • ExE _TuRd 2
    ExE _TuRd 2

    Looks like ur falling in love with arianaaaaa

  • ⟭⟬ ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ ᴊᴏɪʏᴀ ⟭⟬
    ⟭⟬ ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ ᴊᴏɪʏᴀ ⟭⟬

    I've honestly always love Disney more then Nickelodeon and still do...I feel like they have better movies and shows IMO Nickelodeons also good but Disney's just better to me 🤷‍♀️

  • The Movie Oracle
    The Movie Oracle

    Legit over here screaming because Zendaya's performance in The Greatest Showman wasn't used, HOW CAN YOU JUST SKIP OVER THAT?!

  • carlos 2021
    carlos 2021

    Grate I know Spanish

  • coco bear
    coco bear

    Vate wise a bome vate whose in one lasts time

  • Pika Plays
    Pika Plays

    Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’s godmother that’s why they spent a lot of time together

  • Jackie J
    Jackie J

    Nat wolf played light Yagami in the Netflix death note movie and it physically hurt me when I realized that

    • Fortnite Queen K
      Fortnite Queen K

      I thought I was the only one to notice lol

  • Caroline Ferraro
    Caroline Ferraro

    Yeah, Victoria Justice got jealous of Ariana Grande’s career

  • Niamh Sixthgunpanda
    Niamh Sixthgunpanda

    I heard Frankie Jonas had brothers, but I didn’t know they were famous, wow!

  • HopefulMind

    When Roomie says "1 billion views" all I can think about is "1 Billion Views" by EXO-SC.. It''s hard to focus on anything after that XD

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez

    zendaya ANYDAY!!!

  • Seren Parker
    Seren Parker

    listen to zendaya in the greatest showman shes amazing

  • Redheadgrrl

    Zendaya's voice is much better than in these examples. She truly is a "triple-threat" and I think there's no stopping this young woman from becoming one of the greats. Love her! :-)

  • Kimaya Nalawade
    Kimaya Nalawade

    2:24 Joel went from 😄 to 😐

  • Andrea CC
    Andrea CC

    omg that last song... I totally forgot about it

  • renthead015

    Definitely need a part 2 because what about Max Schneider, Big Time Rush, Leon Thomas, or Liz Gillies for Nickelodeon. Then there’s a lot of people for Disney left like Bridgit Mendler, Selena Gomez, and others I can’t think of right now.

  • Camille Olazabal
    Camille Olazabal

    We need a part 2 how is Hillary Duff not on here?

  • LaXja 1801
    LaXja 1801

    Omg yes rank theme songs or something with theme songs !!

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    I was expecting rewrite the stars

  • Maria Belen Vargas San Martín
    Maria Belen Vargas San Martín

    You gotta give drake bell some credit for singing in spanish that perfect, he is amazing

  • Lia great
    Lia great

    Did you neeeever seen the greatest showman ??????? Zendaya was the main role with Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman !!!!

  • Jenniel O'Lari
    Jenniel O'Lari

    Ariana and the other girl don't like each other

  • Swarali Apte
    Swarali Apte

    You should react to met him last time Demi ft ari It's great

  • Eson Gib
    Eson Gib

    The editor should've matched Big Time Rush against Jonas Brothers

  • danielj3333 :V
    danielj3333 :V

    rommie:sneeker song also roomie when sneeker song: fake smile

  • Lakshi Mehra
    Lakshi Mehra

    Why was Selena not here😂

  • Vivia Waag
    Vivia Waag

    When Joel commented about the suggestive music video, I got relieved to know that I'm not the only one. And I agree, there are sites for that. 😪😂

  • Tinkerbelle Belle
    Tinkerbelle Belle

    listen to zendaya sing neverland it sounds alot better than the songs you listened to here

  • Andria Henry
    Andria Henry

    Please make a part 2!

  • L Eman
    L Eman

    I had no idea that it was realign and not realize. That's crazy. I've been saying it that way for like almost 10 years

  • XxReRe_MNMxX

    I love ur advice to the director of music videos...

  • Brooklynn and Shayne
    Brooklynn and Shayne


  • Juliana Mariz
    Juliana Mariz

    I think it's the cringiest thing when americans make songs with Spanish, imagine if Vanessa was put together with Selena Gomez? I'm sad I didnt see R5 there tho I dont like the new stuff of the driver era, I know is probably the best song of drake bell, for the nick side we could have Devon werkheiser he still releases music today and it's kinda cool if you like the style

  • Thomas Feeney
    Thomas Feeney

    How did he not do one on zach efron im mad now >:(

  • jayshaun riley
    jayshaun riley

    Acting lmao alex wolf acts now

  • Christy Cooper
    Christy Cooper

    You should listen to the song All For Us that Zendaya did with Labrinth for Euphoria

  • Jaii

    Joel is SUCH a prude 🤣

  • maya kilbride
    maya kilbride

    “kissy kissy boo boo” noice.


    ehm listen to all for us and you understand why zendaya is better then everyone perioddddd lolll

  • L&L world channel
    L&L world channel

    Me: going back to like every single time from my life....watching tv without any social life(: Btw:you really have to post a besr of borj worlds covers

  • Dari Yum
    Dari Yum

    I meeean the latest Zendaya song was song from Euphoria

  • Yi Qing Tan
    Yi Qing Tan

    Where is Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears from the Disney side? They couldn't find anyone on the Nickelodeon side for the match up? And Zendaya on the Greatest Showman was AMAZING!

  • Anzumimi Koushi
    Anzumimi Koushi

    Regarding the Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande situation, they were all actually just rumors, it’s been confirmed by both Ari and Victoria that those were not true and I’m pretty sure the entire cast got along pretty well

2,3 mio.