LEAST vs MOST Successful Singing Contest Winners
They all WON but their careers are SO DIFFERENT!
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LEAST vs MOST Successful Singing Contest Winners
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  • Spacey Turtle
    Spacey Turtle

    My parents say if I get 50 subs by the end of this month.. they will. do nothing, it will just make me happy~!

  • Jannick ter Borch
    Jannick ter Borch

    16:01 i looked away from my screen for 1 sec looked back and almost shit my pants

  • Zarrath

    That panda killed me, hahaha

  • aprilcorbett

    You know, I'm not into kpop, but "Secret Love Song"...the version by YOOHYEON IMHO is better than the lil Mix version.

  • Devon Owens
    Devon Owens

    O holy shit, you can actually kinda sing.. I mean like i know nothing about singing just really love it but i have watched now i think 5 videos of yours and thats the first time you have started to sing during a video. Talking about at 06:15 ish.. I might need to watch some more of your reaction videos.

  • Ereri Yeet
    Ereri Yeet

    And then there's Melanie Martinez, who didn't win but who's more famous than all of them

  • Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3
    Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3

    Love taught me to (several words at once) 🥴 that was awkward.

  • MagicCardboardBox

    You kinda suit a beard

  • Dark Perzon
    Dark Perzon

    who else saw pinkfong baby shark in his palylist? lol

  • R A M
    R A M

    Fun Fact: cassadee pope was also the first the voice winner who had a semi famous band before auditioning.

  • Dion

    I think the reason the old contestants sound pitchy is because they don't have in-ear monitors. kelly clarkson actually talked about this on her show that it was difficult bcz of that. But now, they have iems.

  • Hamza Akca
    Hamza Akca

    7:29 lmaooo that got me cracked up

  • Minimaad 14
    Minimaad 14

    Day 1 of asking Joel to react to Matt Cardle

  • Maracog

    Cassadee pope also was in the band Hey Monday and they were amazing.

  • Alexandra Rooselaer
    Alexandra Rooselaer

    I'm kind a suprised that 1D wasen't on this list?!

  • Sacred Light
    Sacred Light

    " ahahahaha Marcelito at the end XD "

  • jupi

    i like how melanie got eliminated when cassadee won in 2012 and melanie became a bigger artist than her lol

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson

    Little mix: have been nominated for 10 Brit awards (have two) Joel’s researchers: they toured with Ariana Grande

  • musicislife

    Roomie is stuck in 2009 and I am living for it LOL

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck

    Can we talk about Amber Riley, lost American idol but got to be on glee and she has a beautiful song called colourblind

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck

    I dropped my phone in the bath today and when the screen went all broken I was really worried (don't worry my phone is fine)

  • Margaret Adelle
    Margaret Adelle

    Still feels weird to see people refer to Cassadee Pope as a "Singing Contest Winner."

  • TheSpiritombsableye

    Those are the best 3 Carrie Underwood songs. 😡

  • Kiwi Krg
    Kiwi Krg

    7:10 Did anyone notice baby shark was in "Roomie's Playlist".

  • 10б Ариунзул
    10б Ариунзул

    13:55 OMG i was thinking what will happen if she trips on her long dress??

  • Cliff Rooks
    Cliff Rooks

    Carrie Underwood has 7 grammy awards, not 4

  • Sheila Ames
    Sheila Ames

    Omg the editing in this video will make this my favorite video! so hilarious 🤣🤣

  • _rugved deshpande_
    _rugved deshpande_

    One Direction didnt win X Factor but they won the world

  • Ťaryn C
    Ťaryn C

    Her talk show is the replacement for Ellen when the world was SHOCKED! JUST SHOCKED😈!!! To find out she was a twat and treated people including successful celebrities with actual talent like they were nobodies. Kelly is a sweet person and is bringing in good numbers and will likely be as or more successful as Ellen ans do the talk show thing for a very long time. She'll make millions more from talking to junk so called celebrities than she will now from music. Shes at ths tail end of career and its this or Vegas for 3 year stint. I think wed all pic to sit-down and talk to people for hundreds of thousands of dollars an episodes and that will go up yearly till she's earning Ellen money which is a million+ an episode. Mark my words

  • DirectorLel

    Joel: I'm a manly man Has Little Mix songs in his playlist Me: ok ok not bad Also Joel: Has Baby Shark in his playlist Me: no comment -_-

  • Paulina Carlisle
    Paulina Carlisle

    I loved the way Joel pronounced Carrie Underwood ...

  • sana chan
    sana chan

    Please react to SB19's WHAT? Slap me if they didn't shook you😂

  • Stian Ø-Heimtun
    Stian Ø-Heimtun

    It's so unfair to Caleb Johnson, what an amazing voice, and range! But in 2014 all the young people where like "no, we like pop and EMD!" and the older generation thats into rock is like "doesn't compare to Def Leppard or Bon Jovi and the others", which I feel is in the same type of music, like anthem-rock.

  • Precipitation

    part 2 would be great

  • maria elvira malo cordero
    maria elvira malo cordero

    Where are our boys 1D?

  • James Keeling
    James Keeling

    Kelly Clarkson's career is incredible to me; she's the first winner of American Idol and she's still incredibly successful and by far the most prolific winner of any singing contest.

  • Stan van Loon
    Stan van Loon

    please watch gbb kickbackbattles it was sik please

  • Gabriella Mottura
    Gabriella Mottura

    Hey Joel, please read this! If you want you can translate this. Ragazzi italiani della community, questo è un messaggio per voi. Joel non ha MAI reagito alla musica italiana! So che molti di noi non ascoltano musica italiana ma dobbiamo fare qualcosa. Copiate e incollate questo commento. Joel, we want to see Italian music on this channel! So che insieme ce la faremo.

  • Maria_ Luz
    Maria_ Luz

    Me : who the hell is Carrie underwood *hears the first sing OoOh

  • Estavoratrelundar

    This video proves that there needs to be a Eurovision video.

  • Evan Nakagawa
    Evan Nakagawa

    Cassadee Pope is incredible. Her earlier band Hey Monday had a ton of "pop punk" hits but she truly hit her stride with her solo music.

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller

    James Arthur won

  • Summyia Niazi
    Summyia Niazi

    Do another video of the dances video and include the dances from one direction's best song ever and the no control dance!!!! I will post it on every video until u do Joel!!!!

  • UnixS125

    I mean Cass was in Hey Monday before being on the show so she already had been signed before so I still don’t understand how that worked. Still wished she was making alt pop but best of luck for her in country.

  • Mardee-signs Jewelry
    Mardee-signs Jewelry

    I couldn't get behind Alison Porter that season because all I could see is when she played Curly Sue as a little girl.

  • KeyToSaraBe

    Country fan or not, Before He Cheats SLAPS

  • Elle Epee
    Elle Epee

    Me watching this video 4 times: I just realize Joel showed his playlist and has baby shark on there (do not show this comment on any of your videos)

  • Elvie Tumanday
    Elvie Tumanday

    So true

  • kevinmichaelt

    Kelly win in 2002, not 2001 lol

  • Zin Zin
    Zin Zin

    Little Mix 💚💚💚

  • Ayedan

    All these chicks I went to school with kept talking about the “Before He Cheats,” song and how they were gonna do the same thing to their man if he cheats. And I was like “maybe he’ll keep on cheating, but you’ll end up in court or community jail for property damage. Don’t do it.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Amber Red
    Amber Red

    Would love something like this but about runner ups like Adam Lambert and another Idol favorite of mine, Angie Miller.

  • Jocelyn Wood
    Jocelyn Wood

    Where's Chris Daughtry

  • LK. Pawz
    LK. Pawz

    Omg why do I giggle at all the stupid dad jokes 🤣 my humor is so bad..

  • Nana K
    Nana K

    They are popular because of one direction little mix is

  • Devon

    Bands that changed alot🤔

  • yohani girihagama
    yohani girihagama

    can you react to anime openings please? that would be so awesome! nevermind, just saw you had made one already... can you react to cartoon openings please? that would be so awesome!

  • Silver Tulip
    Silver Tulip

    You briefly mentioned James Arthur's voice but didn't include him in the list?? You should do a part 2 and rectify this! And include Susan Boyle, Guy Sebastian etc. And also include runners up that became more famous (eg. One Direction, Jessica Mauboy, Melanie Martinez, Fifth Harmony).

  • Tasha Wenger
    Tasha Wenger

    Dude... he killed Dream on.. YOU GO CALEB!! (ps this was the first i heard of him)

  • Ekko Ekkonic
    Ekko Ekkonic

    Roomie needs to see the video of Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art.

  • Ndeye Draws
    Ndeye Draws

    I knew Cassadee from when she's still in Hey Monday. They were more on the rock, pop-punk ish band back then. I knew she auditioned for The Voice and got through the blind audition, but never knew she won it until maybe 2 years ago, lmao 😂

  • MythKitty7

    Joel: "That's a lot of makeup." Me: Ummm... that looks pretty much like everyday makeup to me.

  • Actual Karp
    Actual Karp

    “Honesty” was written by Billy Joel.


    Oh I like Cassadee Pope 16:48 it reminds me of Miley and Candice Glover 18:27 and reminds me of Christina Im gonna listen to them


    We need a part 2 that features James Arthur

  • Peach the Starfish
    Peach the Starfish

    “I’m partial to black magic” Let’s take that quote out of context 😂

  • Sarahchu


  • Hope Hurley
    Hope Hurley

    oddly enough a lot of the ones who don't win seem almost more successful than the winners

  • JennyApostolos

    But... I like Dance Monkey....

  • JennyApostolos

    Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)

  • Demone Dante
    Demone Dante

    Joel will kill it with a beard

  • Hana Procházková
    Hana Procházková

    I fell like joel did something wrong to the editors and they decided to get a revenge on him while working on this video... :D

  • Juliette Weber
    Juliette Weber

    Wished his reaction was Blue Bayou for alison porter, wayy better and impressive

  • Bones64 Does gaming
    Bones64 Does gaming

    Even though Caleb Johnson is less successful, I got to see him open up for Kiss, and he put on a good show, what an amazing voice!! I'm so glad I got to see him!!

  • Bree Fortner
    Bree Fortner

    at 8:05 all i could think was Daniel seavey

  • Juliana Mariz
    Juliana Mariz

    They all sound kinda the same if you pay attention, like the music style maybe because its pop but they have a certain something thats pretty much the same for all if not most of them, some of the ones that didnt won these doesnt sound the same as the others

  • Kelly Hazelett
    Kelly Hazelett

    Listen to Carrie Underwood sing How great thou art.

  • Josh Bly
    Josh Bly

    Shout out to the editors for keeping their sanity for this long with the Dad Jokes.

  • Brandon Robbins
    Brandon Robbins

    Caleb Johnson has a voice that would kill it in an 80's hair band

  • lolariver

    FYI... Alisan Porter was Curly Sue in the movie Curly Sue

  • Katherine Ann Monte
    Katherine Ann Monte

    17:18 Rian Dawson spotted

  • Jana Tawfeek
    Jana Tawfeek

    7:14 Man u should grow a beard it suits u better

  • Fariskhayat فارس خياط
    Fariskhayat فارس خياط

    Do Chris klafford

  • naledi kosi
    naledi kosi

    Kelly Clarkson's Because of you works so well if you change, "you" to "covid"

  • Darwish Azrul
    Darwish Azrul


  • Emily Stewart
    Emily Stewart

    Cassadee was also in a band called Hey Monday and was featured in some other songs with other emo bands of the time. Some of my fave songs from her was from that era.

  • WhiteBoysCanDance

    I'm surprised Joel doesn't recognize Cassadee Pope given his background with fallout boy era music

  • Camila Latorre Casanova
    Camila Latorre Casanova

    Does people tell him that he looks very similar to cole sprouse??

  • Euphoric Day
    Euphoric Day

    Omg a roomie video involving little mix that doesn’t include Black Magic? THEY’RE FINALLY LISTENING

  • Saria Alexandria
    Saria Alexandria

    Love Javier colon too 😅

  • Saria Alexandria
    Saria Alexandria

    I loved Alison Porter I wish her music career really took off 😥

  • Pancakes

    When it isn't a little bit pitchy, but squeakland...

  • Pancakes

    When Alisan Porter sung, I was like "Damn... Stone Cold was released ages ago, 2015..."

  • Pancakes

    When I heard Change by Caleb, I swear I have heard it before, a long time ago. A new artist to scope out on spotify 🤣

  • Pancakes

    Roomie: I mean, I am sure it is trying to portray a traumatic thing. Kelly: My childhood.

  • Evie

    i'm surprised phillip phillips wasn't on here, he's the only contestant anyone i know can remember other than kelly clarkson, adam lambert, and carrie underwood.

    • Néstor S.
      Néstor S.

      Adam Lambert didn't win lol

  • Quikytron _YT
    Quikytron _YT

    6:47 its that Zayn Malik's teddy bear?

  • Apt The doctor
    Apt The doctor

    Only Joel would stop half way through filming to play badminton XD

  • Sally E
    Sally E

    New video idea: Listen to a bunch of girl bands to determine your favorite one

  • Sally E
    Sally E

    omg yes little mix is so good. They literally have one of the best vocals in the industry and yet they are so underrated, especially in the usa (but that's more Simon Cowell's fault...)