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I wish I had a low voice :(
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Edited by Martin Olsson

  • Hyacinth Goodell
    Hyacinth Goodell

    That moustache dooooo

  • Annie Spanoudaki
    Annie Spanoudaki

    Corpse has been summoned

  • ThaT OnE FrienD MeRcY
    ThaT OnE FrienD MeRcY

    The first one is definitely my favorite

  • Vivia Waag
    Vivia Waag

    This video is just telling me that Corpse Husband should sing Sound of Silence. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • lh47

    Please, some more reactions to the voice. 😍

  • Makmur Sidiqi
    Makmur Sidiqi


  • Reina Num
    Reina Num

    Joel: The Asian-looking guy *Is literally Mongolian*

  • Miriam Svecova
    Miriam Svecova

    That pentatonix bass singer's name is Avi, not Ari lol 😂 😂 😂

  • Sophie Doolan
    Sophie Doolan

    Australian guys voice just stole my heart. 100 love deep voices.

  • morphman86

    That segway into the ad was basically: "Speaking of gay, here's today's sponsor!"

  • Renee S.
    Renee S.

    Wer kommt von dem deutschen reaktions Tik Tok

  • Ellie W
    Ellie W

    I was a low bass in a singing group and I had to sing my own version because I can go very low😂

  • Nicole Gamboa
    Nicole Gamboa

    Frogs at 4am: 3:19

  • Steezy boi008
    Steezy boi008

    Literally any part in suggestions by System of a Down he goes low then like teenage girl seeing a bts singer

  • Jenéll


  • Jule Gerlach
    Jule Gerlach

    In Germany, the curtain is very rare if someone doesn't want to show himself immediately. Actually, you always see the person singing when you turn around.

  • Frits De Fiets
    Frits De Fiets

    I have rAyCon and they’re better then I expected

  • Ben Lügering
    Ben Lügering

    no i think in south africa they speak dutch

  • Megan Boswell
    Megan Boswell

    The Queen at the start gave me chills!

  • GoblinsAndTea

    As a Belgian, Roomie saying Bart is like a child.... and u kno, hes not wrong.

  • PanicMixer

    Belgium represent🤭😭

  • Gayatri Bala
    Gayatri Bala

    Why Joel so ignorant

  • shupashta

    I always forget we have two versions of The Voice in Belgium and am completely confused for like 30 secs as to why I haven't seen/heard that audition before lol

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long

    I didn't see the voice and thought he's talking about corpse husband

  • MagicDuckling83

    I know I’ve said this before, but Joel your singing voice always makes me smile. I love your music and can’t wait to hear the new songs you come up with into the future. (😊 when I heard that vocal run)

  • nor-alden ampuan
    nor-alden ampuan

    Hello idol!!! Plssss kindly react to the best singer in the Philippines "Morissette Amon" I swear she's incredible and the best belter in all times but no one knows about it....... ❤️😭 Hundred of reactor are reacting to her and they are all can't believe how good she is..

  • nor-alden ampuan
    nor-alden ampuan

    Hello idol!!! Plssss kindly react to the best singer in the Philippines "Morissette Amon" I swear she's incredible and the best belter in all times but no one knows about it....... ❤️😭 Hundred of reactor are reacting to her and they are all can't believe how good she is..

  • nor-alden ampuan
    nor-alden ampuan

    Hello idol!!! Plssss kindly react to the best singer in the Philippines "Morissette Amon" I swear she's incredible and the best belter in all times but no one knows about it....... ❤️😭 Hundred of reactor are reacting to her and they are all can't believe how good she is..

  • Privat Privat
    Privat Privat

    I got goosebumps while the first performance..

  • Tanya Maxwell
    Tanya Maxwell

    We do speak English in Africa

  • • Xiao •
    • Xiao •

    do the opposite of this- higher voice

  • TBomb50

    Fastest Growing Music Streamers next!!

  • Krona Smeh
    Krona Smeh

    Roomie has a better Skyfall cover😉

  • Lenuta Tabac
    Lenuta Tabac

    PLEASE react to Lola Mercer's tiktoks! (They use they/them pronouns!)

  • Olívia Silva
    Olívia Silva

    7:23 when you see, Joel from Roomieoficial, a professional at analyzing music in general, telling us about good earbuds, you KNOW it must really be good asf ~ Now I know where I'll buy it when I have the money ~

  • PhotoArts Partistic
    PhotoArts Partistic

    Roomie: she’s like he’s got big feet Me: what?!?!?😂😂 2:47

  • Lynn Daniels
    Lynn Daniels

    Yes we speak english in south africa 🤣🤣

  • centaurea

    14:14 dang I would love to see Joel release a rock song

  • geekehUK

    If you don't want boring rock music you need to somehow retroactively copyright four on the floor and then never let anyone use it ever again.

  • howjos

    You need to check out Hannah from the current season of American Idol

  • AviKodude17

    His name is Avi

  • Luise Sophie Jakobi
    Luise Sophie Jakobi

    No one: Joel: I HoPe HE lOoKs WeIRd

  • Kharlle Laurence Rabalo
    Kharlle Laurence Rabalo

    Lol corpse be like: -_-

  • iDeal

    RAYCON are garbage

  • MintyFire5

    If he's doing the Voice compilations, he probably shouldn't miss the sound alike ones

  • Weird_Person ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Weird_Person ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    “she sounds manlier than me” boi she sounds manlier than dwane johnson

  • Genevieve Janeczek
    Genevieve Janeczek

    I think the second singer was singing "I owe my soul to the company store"

  • Kate Puleo
    Kate Puleo

    Hey @RoomieOfficial there's also Alto Soprano, and Counter Tenor

  • Min Rei
    Min Rei

    Also just FYI the voice judges have limited number of spots on the teams they are building (which they then coach to compete against each other). So sometimes they're very specifically looking for a certain type of voice that will work well in the group they have. And masked singer they get excited at unmasking not just because it's a celebrity but because the judges compete with each other to guess correctly so if they're right they get extra excited

  • Maiden DE
    Maiden DE

    Raycons fall out of my ears like virtually all earbuds, it sucks. The options are way too similar & tiny.

  • Leyla Ouro-Koura
    Leyla Ouro-Koura

    What's with the face when Belgium came up? Hm?

  • Earthworm Gaming
    Earthworm Gaming

    the first person gave me goosebumps jeez

  • Jessica Armstrong
    Jessica Armstrong

    Totally got goosebumps during the first Sound of Silence, too.

  • ryuichy95

    Joel: “It’s another, just baritone rock singer” Baritone me: 😰

  • Anton Gray
    Anton Gray


  • salma elnahas
    salma elnahas

    Who else think that joel will be an amazing judge if he was in one these shows 🤔 ❤

  • Ashe The Husky
    Ashe The Husky

    happy birthday roomie we all love you so much 💖🥳🥳🎂🎂🥰🥰

  • Sol Fruelda
    Sol Fruelda

    Its low but is it as low as my grade?

  • Vanguard V1nce
    Vanguard V1nce

    Yes we speak english in south africa roomie. Actually we have 11- 13 official languages but that's not the point. Anyways keep up the work

  • Sara6String

    A bit disappointed about the Belgian one. There was this 'cowboy' guy who did Space oddity by David Bowie, with a mix of aboriginal sounds. That would have suited this video so much better. We did voice warm ups in the back stage while waiting for our blind audition. Dude sounded like a freaking didgeridoo 😂

  • Karan is live
    Karan is live

    React to corpse husband song plz😡

  • SilentChaos15

    Sounds like you'd appreciate Band-Maid

  • Sana Nor
    Sana Nor

    Joel, your voice is beautiful the way that it is!

  • Natalie Klein
    Natalie Klein

    Dude from Mongolia sounds like a whole flippin didgeridoo, so cool 😍

  • Aslan Bellum
    Aslan Bellum

    7:43 Joel's not half the man he used to be, huh?

  • Hmmm ಠ_ಠ
    Hmmm ಠ_ಠ

    reading the first half, I thought of Felix

  • Your Local Bully
    Your Local Bully

    Joel:is married to Davie Also Joel:I don't want people to think I'm not straight

  • Caylah West
    Caylah West

    Did you have to mention Avi like that? 😭 I’m still sad about him leaving Pentatonix

  • Caylah West
    Caylah West

    Joel literally has the best sponsored commercials 😂

  • Brittany Hunt
    Brittany Hunt

    I'm shocked lol! First one gave me goosebumps!

  • love_ ateez _8
    love_ ateez _8

    The deep voice guy from germany, was 19. Puberty hit him😂😂

  • Carla Vidal
    Carla Vidal

    She’s a lot because she’s dancing? He’s attempting English? Wow, Joel.

  • ImaginaryMdA

    You look so much better without that cap.

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones

    I love that the last guy had his hand in his picket the whole time

  • Thom Emmers
    Thom Emmers

    You said ari when you talked about the bass guy form pentatonix but his name is avi...

  • Wendy Wheeler
    Wendy Wheeler

    BARITONE! spelled wrong all the way thru. TONE with a BARI in front of it!

  • Linus Mattsson
    Linus Mattsson

    Was it an accidental joke with the “Bad.. a-word” and then hitting Ab on the piano? If you don’t get it: In Swedish you call Ab “ass”.

  • Glass Gerbil
    Glass Gerbil

    Joel: it’s not that high for a woman Me: 🥲 can’t hit anywhere near that

  • Johan Van der westhuizen
    Johan Van der westhuizen

    I know the first song from South Africa and yes they speak english in South africa

  • Flqris

    when joel's single comes out on your birthday 😎

  • TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81

    This was fascinating to hear

  • knittheniteaway

    Please please do a video on best commercial songs. Like, Blue Diamond Almonds, ANY Lume Deodorant commerical, that is some funny S@#$


    Yay this is the 2021st comment!


    Oh no this is the 2020th comment

  • Rockalanche

    that last guy had a great beard.

  • Miss Jess
    Miss Jess

    That lady at the beginning gave me instant goosebumps holy frick

  • Olek

    Joel in South Africa they speak Afrikaans and English (Afrikaans is based of German and Dutch)

  • The Gaming Hyena
    The Gaming Hyena


  • Skymax Slippers
    Skymax Slippers

    Joel: they speak English in South Africa right Me a South African who loves his channel: indeed

  • Henry Billinger
    Henry Billinger

    I like mission impossible which u used when u said u cud listen to the buds while hagnin' from the ceiling

  • The X In FOBs Phoenix
    The X In FOBs Phoenix

    Oh love Joel screaming in Skyfall

  • Harvey Alejo
    Harvey Alejo

    I want to master some sub harmonics cuz it sounds cool

  • ratchetenclank469

    6:57 Not straight again 😅 Don't worry the LGBTQIA+ community will welcome you with open hart 😊

  • Ari Aph
    Ari Aph

    38× asking Roomie to react to why don't we

  • Ghost Lil
    Ghost Lil

    The one in the voice of Germany is actually Alexander Eder, amazing bass singer, excellent voice, super handsome, just like Joel! Oh he's the bass version of Joel! Oh plus Gabriel (14 years old) in the kid version of voice of Germany is also an awesome little bass singer, kid bass version of Joel~ BTW Germany probably got the most amazing bass singers in the world~

  • Yonette Clarke
    Yonette Clarke

    I love how everyone’s talking about his reactions and the voices but I’m only concerned about the first girl in white jeans.

  • I have a question_ How are anime guys so hot
    I have a question_ How are anime guys so hot

    Joel sometimes criticize my music taste and ofc I don’t like it when ppl do that but Joel is an exception he has sense of humor and everything❤️❤️

  • Hyunjin's Americano
    Hyunjin's Americano

    I kinda want him to do a video about Lee Felix from Stray Kids now

  • Rebecca Hotz
    Rebecca Hotz

    In the Voice of Germany you can normally see the singers as well... We have one or two singers each season behind a curtain, so the viewers can feel what it's like for the coaches 😊

  • SpeedyDarkLightning

    I watched wolf winters from Australia on tv last year and boy he blew me away. He caused so much drama on the show too because the judge turned when he already had a full team