Pop Stars singing in SIMLISH
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Sul Sul! Delco webney, Elicanto!
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Pop Stars singing in SIMLISH
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  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine

    She sounds like she’s singing “We F*** we weed up!!!” Hysterical!!!! 🤣

  • demi van der schaar
    demi van der schaar

    That Fun song is also in the sims 4? never noticed. It was first recorded for the sims 3 then right?

  • JP Abcede
    JP Abcede

    Plot twist: Of Monsters and Men were singing in Icelandic.

  • Dominik Damian Tereszkiewicz
    Dominik Damian Tereszkiewicz

    no Pixie Lott "mama do"?

  • darkom45

    13:00 you okay bro 👌😊

  • J A N A È
    J A N A È

    "Urban accent" ?!?!! No man lol who even says that?

  • nabila1379

    Next time I don't know the lyrics to a song, Imma pretend I'm singing in Simlish. Lol.

  • Maria do Rosário Leal
    Maria do Rosário Leal

    Simlish that amazingly universal language everybody talks and loves 😉😎♥️

  • ırmak erdinç
    ırmak erdinç

    This is how i heard these songs when i was little before learning english

  • Amnesia Pilot
    Amnesia Pilot

    Me doing the opposite and coming up with the lyrics first, then never figuring out the music lol

  • The Odd Artist
    The Odd Artist

    Sounds like a the song before I actually learnt the lyrics

  • Bridget Llama
    Bridget Llama

    Las frooby Noo

  • Nataylia B
    Nataylia B

    Oh my god, so I knew that the songs were like actual songs recorded in Simlish but like when 'Love is wicked' by Brick and Lace came on I got so much nostalgia because honestly it convinced me that that was an actual Simlish song. It just sounded so good and I remember it played soooo much in the game. Sims 2 memories be flowing back

  • Nygmastic

    Is this k-pop?

  • Wuvumgywgy !
    Wuvumgywgy !


  • Gon Chan
    Gon Chan

    If I didn't learn English, I'd definitely think they're exactly the same lol

  • clare Rawlins ot7
    clare Rawlins ot7

    This was a fun one 😂 I have played sims since the sims 1! So for years literally, since my kids were little, they are in their twenties now. I used to create custom content , it took up a lot of my time 😂 I still play now though , I just love playing it and building my homes.

  • Celestia Ludenberg
    Celestia Ludenberg

    This is like when you don't know the lyrics to a song but you try to sing it anyway

  • Dóri Farkas
    Dóri Farkas

    The Sims 3 Generations had the all time low. I reall liked that song! It’s missing from here 🥺

  • Gwen Hernandez
    Gwen Hernandez

    as a huge sim fan i love this

  • Emily the Kiwi
    Emily the Kiwi

    When I think about simlish songs Last Friday Night is the first one I think of lol.

  • Jazz. Morales
    Jazz. Morales

    Me, listening to simlish: you havin a stroke? Me, not being able to distinguish simlish from english: am *i* having a stroke??? O.O

  • Homo Potato
    Homo Potato

    my chemical romance did a simlish cover of “na na na” in the sims 3 late night

  • Abigail Thorne
    Abigail Thorne

    All in favour of roomie becoming a game changer!

  • Adan Baldonado
    Adan Baldonado

    what’s ur origin id

  • blue

    Wait a second... I am avid Sims player but I had absolutely no idea some of these were in Sims 4. Huh.

  • Kailynn Marie
    Kailynn Marie

    at this point im thinking Simlish is a real language, EA just wont let us know how to speak it

    • Kailynn Marie
      Kailynn Marie

      wait but i was kinda right-

  • IDautta

    i dont want to be mean but your hair looks bad

  • Jessica Head
    Jessica Head

    This is literally me singing my partners songs in his language... not knowing the language

  • High Goddess Finelia
    High Goddess Finelia

    I love how they're wearing Sims 4 dresses in the Kim Petras music video

  • Warl

    Livin' for That (Simlish Remix), yes? HAHAHAHA

  • ectoplasm12345

    Literally sang along to the DontCha in simlish. Ive heard it so many times

  • KittyGamer149

    no one: me: *sings all of want you back in simlish*

  • Justin Drevlow
    Justin Drevlow

    Heave tou ever listen to BER

  • Matthew Heben
    Matthew Heben

    Intro was so long I forgot it was

  • Georgina Rodriguez
    Georgina Rodriguez

    I do think it sounds like Danish o Swedish jajaja!

  • Amy Scott
    Amy Scott

    Anyone singing to along with some of the song because of Clare Siobhan’ main series from 2017😊😊😊

  • Nyetteh for short
    Nyetteh for short

    There is an All Time Low song in sims. I was playing the game while being sleepy....then I heard the opening and I was like: Is this real? Am I sleep deprived? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  • Spoiled Sushi
    Spoiled Sushi


  • Jenny Granberg
    Jenny Granberg

    Sims språket är alla språk i ett

  • MJ V
    MJ V

    as a sims player, this does put a smile on my face

  • Ramandeep Kaur
    Ramandeep Kaur

    I want sean paul to make a song in simlish 😭

  • Nicola

    where was paramoreeeeeeeeee

  • Shantal Fabri
    Shantal Fabri

    Im impressed I didn't know this was a thing lol

  • Mrs. Puppy
    Mrs. Puppy

    Do you wanna know something really really funny so I like to multitask sometime so sometimes I like to watch my iPad while playing Sims on my computer and that’s what I was doing while watching this video LOL

  • Lenin Pak Ganern
    Lenin Pak Ganern

    SimGM productions is lit tho featuring the KardaSims

  • Ghost Killer Entertainment
    Ghost Killer Entertainment

    Paramore also did one for their song, Pressure as well!

  • Randomstuffs

    Ahhh all of this gibberish is giving me a headache

  • A U T U M N A L V I B E
    A U T U M N A L V I B E

    당신은 의심의 여지없이 내가 좋아하는 음악 SLtoosr입니다! (죄송합니다 - 전체 좋아하는 유튜버)

  • Alfie

    I was expecting that dogeball game, since sims 4 is free with ea.

  • lauren glennie
    lauren glennie

    The first one I loved so much I loved them all haha 😂 I swear I heard him say teabag haha 😂 but it sounds a little like BtS is this just me haha 😂 xx

    • lauren glennie
      lauren glennie

      I swear sims was it I miss it but I’m too broke to buy it haha 😂 xxx



  • Václav Máslo
    Václav Máslo

    record reaction to best of voice kids pls its very cool

  • Katy McAnnaney
    Katy McAnnaney

    love how you are looking at music in the sims. absolutely love that game!

  • zhm.the.mediocre

    i like how they recreated the music videos in the sims 2 ones

  • Chrissy Haskell
    Chrissy Haskell

    Katy perry- heating up rolls

  • Caelinyang

    I wish BEENEE’s Kool song was in this, hers was made for the sims ^^

  • Ana B.
    Ana B.


  • RandomGeekNamedBrent

    I actually first heard "pocket full of sunshine" in simlish so every time I hear it I think "pocket fulla soonshee"

  • pepper 136
    pepper 136

    This is a Sims channel now

  • Yoonkitty_Writes

    i can't be the only one who thinks that girl who sings that malibu song looks like poppy

  • Sean McCadden
    Sean McCadden

    E-flat, its all in the song 😂

  • Harshita Bharadwaj
    Harshita Bharadwaj

    This sounds like evey language I don't know.

  • Harshita Bharadwaj
    Harshita Bharadwaj

    Fun Fact : In Tollywood mega movie 'Bahubali' (which was later dubbed in Bollywood in Hindi), they created a different language, like propper one.

  • RandomHufflepuffgirl

    Okay,I looked up famous singers in curiosity and it’s all freaking Dua Lipa,Ed Sheeran,Ariana Grande,Eminem you know!And then I see “Roomie” and I’m like OH MY GOD!

  • WindSoul

    My favorite from the sims 4 is Classic by The Knocks, love both english and simlish version

  • Georgia Ferreira
    Georgia Ferreira

    I've played the sims for 20 years now and I have never realized these songs were real. 🤣

  • wojciagn

    That sounds like Eurovision songs in national languages :D

  • Feliciano Myka Loise
    Feliciano Myka Loise

    Joel was right, that's what I think how Swedish people talk 😂

  • Becky Mattison
    Becky Mattison

    YoU nEeD sOmE LiPbAlM DuDe!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Natalia Yakovleva
    Natalia Yakovleva

    I listened to Trivium's Bleed Into Me in the car just this afternoon, and honestly the Simlish version > the Normal version

  • -Emmas_gachas-

    I wish this man could give me singing lessons,

  • Sheldon Bowyer - Snaggs
    Sheldon Bowyer - Snaggs

    I love your channel

  • Sheldon Bowyer - Snaggs
    Sheldon Bowyer - Snaggs

    Plz make a song of loved comment

  • Evelyn Burgos
    Evelyn Burgos

    I love l Live in for that❤️❤️❤️

  • Floating Imagination
    Floating Imagination

    hey, so ik this is way out of context for this video but i would love it if u could do a video on james arthur, ive seen you do videos of artists with so much less talent and reach. but the thing is i have come across people who like his genre but not james himself, i mean what could it be, do u see a "defect" in his music or his voice,

  • Info Skai
    Info Skai

    They hired a legit linguist so Simlish is a fully realized language. so technically it’s possible to learn and completely socialize in it

  • Ellie-Maie Baldwin
    Ellie-Maie Baldwin

    I ❤ the sims

  • Trishla Kadam
    Trishla Kadam

    Simlish is english when you're not paying attention

  • Bubbles Gaming
    Bubbles Gaming

    I love the sims

  • PastelixPlays

    I love how when he said "sick" towards the end of the video covid germs flew past his head 🤣🤣

  • TotallyQuantum

    Lil pitchy song in simlish pls I mean Swedish

  • Liz The Casual Sabotage
    Liz The Casual Sabotage

    5sos also did one of their songs in simlish for the sims 4, want you back

  • Tahsina Khan
    Tahsina Khan

    dag dag! sul sul


    Hmmm he does look better with glasses on

  • Petter Haugen
    Petter Haugen

    Sjenan romioffisiol

  • i am not a human
    i am not a human

    Nice. Now do fnf. Or recD

  • Dyfan Jones
    Dyfan Jones

    Where are the little mix fans at?!! Lets get some reactions on the tunes they’ve got 😁

  • Topaz Potter
    Topaz Potter

    Me, playing sims for almost 5 years : Wait, those songs are real ?! The real version is for me the simlish version 😭

  • Mike Steven RFS
    Mike Steven RFS

    Katy Perry looking awesome😁

  • Mike Steven RFS
    Mike Steven RFS

    Sorry for my bad English😁

  • PandaHannah Vlogs
    PandaHannah Vlogs

    The only words I know in simlish are: Soo soo! Dag dag! Ziba corba hey! (it sounds like gibberish)

  • Synalla

    Hahaha, all I can think of is how much Simlish reminds me of the last semester of my senior year in high school when I got hit with temporary but significant hearing loss. A classmate rhetorically asked the group, "Do you ever wonder what English sounds like to someone who doesn't know it?" And I answered in the most fed-up tone my voice could convey, "It's pretty much like the Sims." They looked at me like I came out of nowhere, so I dryly elaborated, "I'm sick of my brain constantly overprocessing every word to try to guess what Sim-like noise could possibly sound closest to the English language, especially when I know no one will repeat it if I ask." It was hilarious and hell simultaneously. Lmao Context: I got a pretty bad ear infection in one ear, and then the other decided to overcompensate with a ton of wax production until it was totally blocked off. I could only hear faintly in the one that was infected, and the only GP in town didn't have an availability until the next month (the dude straight up just takes off every other month, even now), so... literally the month before graduation. Wasn't severe enough for the ER, and urgent care centers hadn't arrived in my town until a couple years later. Just had to deal with the constant "nevermind"s of teens with major senior-itis the second I asked for a repeated sentence.

  • thresa hounkpe
    thresa hounkpe

    Hi can you to reactino to morgz (documentary)

  • All Hale The King
    All Hale The King

    # Bring Back The Sims 2 back to Origin..... EA!!

  • Ray Dino
    Ray Dino


  • Sara Chmielewski
    Sara Chmielewski

    unpopular opinion: sims 3 has the best bangers

  • mo salman
    mo salman

    I don't know but Simlish sounds like if Arabic and Hebrew had a baby XD

  • AeronwenV

    Dag dag!

  • Maria Izabel Campolina Silva
    Maria Izabel Campolina Silva

    google translator should be able to translate simlish too