Top 10 Most Viewed Songs of Each Year (2000 - 2010)
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Top 10 Most Viewed Songs of Each Year (2000 - 2010)
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  • nllzh

    B.O.B. and Bruno Mars song is not from 2006 but 2009

  • AK on PS4
    AK on PS4

    10:11 to make a correction Mockingbird was released in the same year as Just Lose It and on the same album , but Mockingbird was rereleased on Ems greatest hits album , which was the one When I’m Gone was on , just a bit of music history

  • Alexander Allsop
    Alexander Allsop

    U do realise it starts with the most viewed I think even if it doesn’t the last one of that year definitely isn’t number one and it the first is never the least viewed

  • kim farrell
    kim farrell

    Did he say he DIDN'T Like Eminem, wtf, lolz, Im not mad

  • trialda

    Trying to figure out what rock I was apparently living under during the later years here.

  • Zarben Apostol
    Zarben Apostol

    Rihanna 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Moxxi_the_Witch

    2003/4 when my punk child woke up and the dancer came to life. seductive dancing and black, black, blaaaaaack clothes and makeup. I'm still like that :P punk and rock

  • Aida Kamal
    Aida Kamal

    who remembers joels old old old house one of his first vids he did a house tour

  • Lisa Mitchell
    Lisa Mitchell

    If you didn't know 3 Doors Down was from my home state of Mississippi

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Eminem dominated the early 2000's

  • Milla Freese
    Milla Freese

    I knew everyone except nine off them..

  • Kiera Black
    Kiera Black

    I watch these videos just for Joel to be like "Wut" when he's confused and "Ha" when he recognises something😍😍

  • Jazz. Morales
    Jazz. Morales

    Joel talking about how 2000-2001 was really rock-y and then being like lol jk shakira Me, knowing shakira's roots are spanish alt: 👀

  • JDTracks

    Would love to see you review some of Christina Grimmie's Music

  • Prayash Ranjan Mallick
    Prayash Ranjan Mallick

    I am happy that he likes Messi.


    kryptonite is still on my playlist :(

  • Nicholas Denatale
    Nicholas Denatale

    Me: Sees 18:48 -18:55. Also me: Joel... So you have chosen... Death.

  • Nicholas Denatale
    Nicholas Denatale

    Ok, F it... hot take, but Taylor’s older music (Like “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story”) is so much better than her current music (Excluding her rewrites of the older songs).

  • jayshaun riley
    jayshaun riley

    Also joel dancing was very entertaining i didnt know i needed that in my life

  • jayshaun riley
    jayshaun riley

    It speaks to joel cause he is clearly one of the beautiful girls all over the world. Jk jk xD i had to.

  • Cajan Brizuela
    Cajan Brizuela

    Im yours song is so beautiful

  • Hey, it's me!
    Hey, it's me!

    💪 Linkin Park

  • quitters t
    quitters t

    there is stalin 14:43

  • Admiral Mu
    Admiral Mu

    Dang it. Whenever I hear Umbrella, I visualize Tom Holland dancing....

  • Ultra_ BT
    Ultra_ BT

    To all 12 year olds our there: Eminem is a damn rapper not 69 that yall listen to and think you're cool.

  • The KDX
    The KDX

    Chester Benington was* he committed suicide man! RIP legend

  • Nscazm Animations
    Nscazm Animations

    I was looking for more green day and some 5 sos tho

  • Ares_behindthemask

    9:17 my guy called Mario- Ice JJ Fish. Oh nah chief 😂🤣😭

  • Rose

    My 4 year old didnt like the later pop songs, he just kept singing "rock n roll! Rock n roll!". He prefers Linkin Park & System of a Down 🥴

  • Wyatt Maxwell
    Wyatt Maxwell

    This list: exists Eminem: and I took that

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez

    i was gonna be upset with the fact that nirvanna wasnt on the list....until i realized that it came out in 1991!

  • Gentian Berisha
    Gentian Berisha

    As an eminem stan im proud

  • simple gaming
    simple gaming

    holy shit there are people who don't know about Till I collapse😪

  • Dipanshu Dhuliya
    Dipanshu Dhuliya

    Joel do a 2010 to 2020 too!!

  • AdamTheAce

    When roomie said voice inside my mind I died inside, what happened to my yead smy

  • Sudharshan Joseph
    Sudharshan Joseph

    2:02 im dead

  • Lionel karo
    Lionel karo

    eminem is best

  • Dion Moona
    Dion Moona

    since you a fan of fix you i recommend you watch bts cover on mtv unplugged

  • Shark Fang
    Shark Fang

    Those 2007-2008 songs feel like unearthing a forgotten time capsule, a moment in time untouched by modern woes. They made me feel like I wasn't going through 2021, and it was bizarre.

  • 747.Royale

    This list is literally my whole life, I am born in 2001

  • MαγαΡΗ

    wow people were very depressed in the early 2000's XD

  • Liana Charlton
    Liana Charlton

    Hey, no knocking our wedding song! (Aerosmith)

  • FlyingJustToFall

    Linkin Park, SOAD, Eminem - Damn i miss these days

  • Sugarist0

    Am I the only one who was confused for like 15 minutes (apart for a few songs) until 2008 rolled around

  • Florencia Miguel Peñaranda
    Florencia Miguel Peñaranda

    No-one: Roomie every 5 seconds: eyyyy

  • Avery Browning
    Avery Browning

    VOICES by xxxtentacion and skyes sound the same as blink-182 I miss you trust me

  • Jennifer Wettervik
    Jennifer Wettervik

    Yeah, whenever anyone asks what music I listen to from now on I’ll just show them this video

  • Zach M
    Zach M

    As a current musician born in 1995 I have seriously fond memories of a lot of this music and know almost all of it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane man, love it. Fun video & much love to you for making content!

  • SKY HIGH 7
    SKY HIGH 7

    15:24 RoomieOfficial: **vietnam flashbacks**

  • HEXZ0R

    3:43 not knowing that song is illegal :D

  • Hesston Childcare
    Hesston Childcare

    Lol 11:50 impression of DJ khaji

  • Stars of Light
    Stars of Light

    Didn’t Nothin’ On You come out in ‘09-‘10, not ‘06?

  • Kelsie Carpenter
    Kelsie Carpenter

    Is it me but I can’t listen to umbrella because of Tom Holland doing the dance/lip sync battle to this song 😂

  • Fries101Reviews

    Plz do a Part 2 with 2011 - 2020 best viewed songs of the year

  • Bre n
    Bre n

    I mean I've always been more of a fan of older music but I never realized just how good early 2000s music was (kinda goes off a cliff at 05 though). Every song slaps through those first few years. Up there with like the mid-late 80s, or late 60s in terms of quality. Hope we can get into another golden era like that sometime soon.

  • Sawyer Hallin
    Sawyer Hallin

    How have you not heard Till I collapse. Sweden man, y’all have missed out in some great music

    • Eisa Malik
      Eisa Malik

      It was only really used in Real Steel

  • Tiffney Heflin
    Tiffney Heflin

    You Remember The Turtle From Things That Sound Like Music

  • jonah turner
    jonah turner

    Party in the C.I.A is better

  • Groin Strain
    Groin Strain

    21 years ago on the radio you definitely had more variety. It wasn’t just pop and mumble rap, you had all sorts from rock, to alternative, to pop, RnB, hip hop and everything in between.

  • Groin Strain
    Groin Strain

    I can’t believe the year 2000 is 21 years old😱

  • Viliam Kováč
    Viliam Kováč

    damn, five minutes in and most of those songs are still on my playlist :P

  • keshav

    Joel that’s not copying it’s called getting inspired

  • B_KnowsSports

    Nothin' on You was actually released in 2009, not 2006.

  • Duke Blueduck
    Duke Blueduck

    Joel: Theres so much rock stuff *3 seconds later* "Whenever, Wherever"

  • Ben Priest
    Ben Priest

    can you do 10 most veiwed for 2010-2020?

    • Jayvion Perera
      Jayvion Perera

      He has done it

  • #Ck#

    2010 rihanna is just pop music perfection ❤

    • #Ck#

      @Jayvion Perera most of her songs she co-writes. I saw many live perf. from her on yt and i think in many of these she sounds amazing. maybe its just prefrence but she can sing realy good.

    • Jayvion Perera
      Jayvion Perera

      I like rihanna but she sounds horrible live and she doesnt write her songs

  • Jordyn Gabriella Pillay
    Jordyn Gabriella Pillay

    When my dad tells me old music had better lyrics and I'm like Your lyrics are worse than ours just less explicit

  • Jordyn Gabriella Pillay
    Jordyn Gabriella Pillay

    I was born in 2008 and I don't know anything 😐

  • Nolan Hansen
    Nolan Hansen


  • Gabriel Abner
    Gabriel Abner

    plays >ANY< beyonce's music: probably one of d best

  • Maximilian Kiel
    Maximilian Kiel

    Funny story I remember I’m yours so much because we where in Sweden on holiday where my Fahrer was building a brigade in Umea and Damm it was on like 24/7. 😂

  • Maximilian Kiel
    Maximilian Kiel

    Maby I love rock now so much because the Beginns of the 2000‘s I first recognize music really and Damm I love really all of those rock songs 😂

  • jordan favre
    jordan favre

    Joel who never did musculation "i don't remember Eminem till i collapse" bro that's the best musculation song in the world even if your 300 pounds and don't know how to use musculation equipment this song make you feel like your the fucking boss.

  • Rosebuds A Sled
    Rosebuds A Sled

    Wait that Bruno Mars song (Nothing on You) is from 2010 🤔

  • dingus153


  • Elijah Alexander
    Elijah Alexander

    I was surprised that Not Afraid wasn’t on here

  • Fenno de Groot
    Fenno de Groot

    Nothing on you was released in december 2009. How can it be one of the moest viewed 2006 songs? For the rest a nice video as always, but such a shame no one noticed this mistake

  • Do Wal
    Do Wal

    2008 was crazy. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Pink. So many superstars that dominated the next decade 😅 I've noticed that it was pretty much all in one year when they came along And 2007 with Rihanna also quite close to that time. That's crazy

  • Peter McEwen
    Peter McEwen

    That music video for blink did alot it hit alot of people at the age who were growing out of boyband pop and they were cool and edgy

  • Neha Dhurwey
    Neha Dhurwey

    I thought I won't found my favourite then saw linkin park.

  • mep

    This makes me feel kinda sad, nostalgia is a weird feeling

  • Bessefars Cigar
    Bessefars Cigar

    00:34 if you say i shit in danish is jeg skid so when he say ya skin it's sounds Like jeg skiid og yeah jeg skiiid en.

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson

    Let's bee 100% about one thing here, nobody denies that Umbrella will live on in musical history. But it's not because of Rihanna's singing. We all know it's because of Tom Holland

  • Freaksoftheinternet

    When you criticized the pop rock ballads I thought "Oh no but I love The Reason by Hoobastank" so I was SO RELIEVED when that song came up and you like it, hahaaha.

  • Chrissy Haskell
    Chrissy Haskell

    La tortura is one of my favorite songs and ofc mariah carey. Come on now.

  • Chrissy Haskell
    Chrissy Haskell

    Nice to see other songs on your channel besides the same one over and over

  • Chrissy Haskell
    Chrissy Haskell

    Love Chris Cornell and soad


    2010 didn’t have love the way you lie which is in the top 50 most viewed SLtoos music videos and it was not here EVEN THOUGH there was like mostly Rihanna songs, so they really jus kinda messed up horribly if they thought they can do that

  • Kawaii

    Thanks a little pitchy

  • Tina Barrow
    Tina Barrow

    Can you listen to some songs by AJR? They’re so good and so underrated

  • Roseborn 69
    Roseborn 69

    can someone link me roomies headphones pls? Ty

    • Roseborn 69
      Roseborn 69

      @Cristina Gallegos Well just checked now and i cant find his headphones hes wearing in that vid

    • Roseborn 69
      Roseborn 69

      @Cristina Gallegos Ah okay didnt saw, ty :)

    • Cristina Gallegos
      Cristina Gallegos

      He usually has all his gear linked in the description of every video.

  • hermionedobbylover !!!!
    hermionedobbylover !!!!

    Those songs are that old🤯

  • Alexander Dennis
    Alexander Dennis

    2007-2008, oof did those hit me in the nostalgia

  • Saiyan

    When you realize the banger songs you missed out 2003 cuz you were a baby

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown

    The video he watch was wrong because nothing on you came out in 2010

  • Ayo Majey
    Ayo Majey

    I miss when Bruno Mars was a simp. That was my favorite time

  • Elisea Call
    Elisea Call

    My dad probably knows all those rock songs I'm 11 And I know a lot of all the songs

  • Supremacy 98
    Supremacy 98

    Huge nostalgia trip I love it!

  • mildlyderanged

    This was such a trip down memory lane... some absolute tunes here

  • JDS May 16
    JDS May 16

    It's so weird that I don't know the songs he doesn't know too... Hmm demographics I guess