songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity
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songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity
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Edited by Martin Olsson

  • Krissten Flores
    Krissten Flores

    4:55 latín roomie

  • jonah turner
    jonah turner

    Bad romance over pumped up kicks and get lucky!?!? Hes insane

  • Katie Kunkel
    Katie Kunkel

    We love Daniel Thrasher here

  • Jessie Tammel
    Jessie Tammel

    Can you react to Adam Lambert believe (Cher tribute)? I feel like it’s up your alley musically

  • Moji


  • Animal World
    Animal World

    Hello I know this probably ain't so important but I am the 0.1% that does not love these songs😈. Yep In flesh and bone😊 Or youtube and comments🤨

  • Łukasz Piątkowski
    Łukasz Piątkowski

    I love Vengaboys music! :D

  • Luisa Mota
    Luisa Mota

    "What happened to Vanessa Carlton ?" Bro...i mean No joke, She died :/

  • mercan yazıcı
    mercan yazıcı

    Roomie is gana hate me why? Because i like Jenifer lopiz On the floor song 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 i think Roomie thinks this: R:WHY WHY YOU LİKE THİS SONG İTS REALLY BAD 😡😡😡 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ME:İ dont know i just like it lol .İm not a pro at this chill bossie lol 😂😂😂

  • Denise D’Souza Boucher
    Denise D’Souza Boucher

    Ik it doesn’t matter but Britney only has one t in her name

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey

    You should do something with Prince music in one of your videos!!!

  • Phazz

    Wait, did he just say that guitar solos don't stand the test of time? The fuck? Hotel California, Free Bird, Painkiller etc. are all fantastic and have killer soloes that you look forward to the entire time you listen.

  • Dynozarion

    "Guitar solos are hard to listen to now" I'm sorry but what on earth are you talking about

  • She Li
    She Li

    I agree with jennifer lopez part

  • George Little
    George Little

    Not gonna lie that list was shit.

  • Jasperworld

    0:54 me: is he too lazy to sing so he is now using flippin autotune

  • nightingale

    How could you possibly put Michael Jackson in 0.1% he's the best

  • MR. WOLF Gaming
    MR. WOLF Gaming

    As a member of other side of World , I would like to say that I haven't heard and known any of songs And majority of here don't know about them and we are about 1 more than billion people. So idk how those compilations are made 😂on humanity

  • Angelo Borbonga
    Angelo Borbonga

    I think forget you was also written by bruno mars

  • Angelo Borbonga
    Angelo Borbonga

    All i ask was co written by bruno mars, so yeah it's the best adell song


    Pls don't sing again bro your so pitchy😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • SolaceDotExe

    These are songs that 99.9% won't turn off if it came on the radio, not 99.9% love

  • Joshmcawesome99

    i dislike bohemian rhapsody

  • januwa mcgee
    januwa mcgee

    why he do dancing in the deep that way

  • Jesameep

    Nelly? Gwen? Joel why..... omg hips dont lie? ADELLE?! Joel: Gives Eminem shit for window pane. Also Joel: applauds rihanna for .... umbrella...ella. ella.

  • Carter Rotcavich
    Carter Rotcavich

    Gwen stefani is gonna hunt you down for dissing holla back girl

  • Devin Shalvin.
    Devin Shalvin.

    Most of the people in this comment section can't handle the fact that Joel's opinion differs from their own.

  • kat leary
    kat leary

    I love "Hot in Here" 😅😅

  • Matteo P
    Matteo P

    When my parents said they don’t like thriller I was so shocked it is an amazing song

  • Dylan Reindl
    Dylan Reindl

    I’m coming for him since he said he did not like pumped up kicks

  • Timothy Herpels Utomo
    Timothy Herpels Utomo

    Lose yourself=best🥵

  • Zxn

    10:12 🙃😐

  • IdkGames YT
    IdkGames YT

    𝚂𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝟶.𝟶𝟷% 𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖

  • Malgorzata Zajac
    Malgorzata Zajac

    6:30 toDoRokI

  • Jbb Ya
    Jbb Ya

    Can we talk about the smallpox comment not being corrected by editors? That made me laugh.

  • Matthew Carr
    Matthew Carr

    there are some way more JUicy covers of jeff buckly

  • Oof I’m bad at guessing
    Oof I’m bad at guessing

    5:50 so I guess I’m not a human

  • Arnel matthew Bulario
    Arnel matthew Bulario

    And this dude hates rolling in the deep, like you messed up bro

  • Arnel matthew Bulario
    Arnel matthew Bulario

    Hit on the floor was loved by the whole world the joel just f*ck that sh*t

  • Elsa Llama Love
    Elsa Llama Love

    I haaaaaaaaaate WAkKa wAKka

    • Elsa Llama Love
      Elsa Llama Love

      @Oscar Dab wtf it took like 3 seconds for you to reply

    • Oscar Dab
      Oscar Dab

      It’s good but bad

  • Ultrabots Movies
    Ultrabots Movies

    Come on dude pumped up kicks is a pretty good song why did you put it on people don’t like it

  • Simba

    How can you not like boom boom no hate btw love ur vids

  • Beau Thomas
    Beau Thomas

    Omg yes vive la vida is a amazing song I'm glad u a viva la vida fan haha.

  • Dat One Hijabi
    Dat One Hijabi

    Me waiting for ppcocane trap bunny bubbles


    helo this is me after watching this ideo how tf i got 5 ads

  • Rohit Rana
    Rohit Rana

    Saw Michael Jackson, clicked...

  • TBRSloth -
    TBRSloth -

    How dare u Jennifer Lopez is good (I grew into it ) jk

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    This one video made me unsub

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Dude this made me seriously rethink your taste in music

  • I'm Jezzy
    I'm Jezzy

    Some of the songs trended on tiktok..

  • Ella Pitman
    Ella Pitman

    I feel like this is less “songs everyone loves” and more “songs everyone vibes to no matter how much they hate them”

  • KiinAr

    Why is daniel thrasher there?


    make this into a meme every time joal makes a terrible decision i do a pushup

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka

    its loved by the 99.9% of the humanity because if you dont like one or a couple etc. of this songs then you belong to the 00.1% people that doesnt like a song or couple in this compilation

  • Blayd Stephens
    Blayd Stephens

    why do I feel like Roomie is turning into a male SSSniperWolf, i mean look at his recent thumbnails, even his glasses xP No hate, still great content!

  • Ian Zijta
    Ian Zijta


  • Muze Rhythm
    Muze Rhythm

    How many times he said AWESOME for songs from 70s, 80s and even late 90s. You've been taught well.🎶😁 From someone who grew up 70s - 80s.

  • DJ Jam Jimbob Misfit
    DJ Jam Jimbob Misfit

    Where mr blue sky, somebody I used to know and mr bright sky

  • DJ Jam Jimbob Misfit
    DJ Jam Jimbob Misfit

    Where mr blue sky and mr bright side and the weekend

  • It's Britney Bitch
    It's Britney Bitch

    Ur so lowkey bitter

  • TF2cace

    Daniel Thrasher wtf

  • Mel Vee
    Mel Vee

    yeah All I ask by Adele is honestly one of the best songs i ever heard

  • The Armchair Drummer
    The Armchair Drummer


  • The Armchair Drummer
    The Armchair Drummer


  • Kvng Velly
    Kvng Velly

    I liked when he sang thriller

  • Sugarist0

    he really just used “this song has the worst Eminem line” and “I like waka waka more, this is not as catchy” as his excuse huh?

  • Briony Finn
    Briony Finn

    Pumped Up Kicks is so good. How can that be bad and pitbull be good? What?

    • TF2cace

      its his taste and his opinion

  • Angelo Soave
    Angelo Soave

    But like what did he mean when he said even African Americans have to like this

  • Samson

    1.5% people are in the 0.1%

  • Anant Tyagi
    Anant Tyagi

    I definitely dont agree with you in dusk till dawn, i am not a one direction fan, just because the song is good.

  • Andrei Sas
    Andrei Sas

    Who tf doesn't like "Love the way you lie"... Like cmon bro


    man your tast of music sucks

    • TF2cace

      or he has a different taste and different opinion

  • Joanna White
    Joanna White

    My final score was literally 25 to 25. Lol

  • Joanna White
    Joanna White

    Younger days compilation I got 12 in the 0.1 percent and 11 in 99.9 percent

  • Mr_SwitTaco

    Agreed with Joel all I ask is amazing and turning tables is lit as well

  • Thatmansnoah

    I have never disagreed with someone musically this much before lmao

  • rodrigamer 009
    rodrigamer 009

    Michael Jackson it s best artist of all time

  • Funny you and Me
    Funny you and Me

    umbrella suxs and dtd is damn cool

  • Jaya Key
    Jaya Key


  • Irene C
    Irene C

    Somebody finally thinks that the weeknd sings like MJ

  • Whiley Dallas
    Whiley Dallas

    He listens to "fuck you" instead of "forget you"😂 you can tell how he pauses when lip singing. I love ceelo green

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H

    Fanboy me is screaming GET LUCKY IS INCREDIBLE YOU SUCK But rational me is like he can have his own opinion Fanboy me SCREW HIS OPINION

  • Kendra Lufkin
    Kendra Lufkin

    Im sorry but I really like hot in here 😁

  • Lauren Sisson
    Lauren Sisson

    Nicole Sherzinger turned into Sherlock Sherzinger lol

  • Saul S
    Saul S

    The forget you song is called fuck you

  • Noa Berry
    Noa Berry

    I was with you until you said you didn’t like hollaback girl excuse me sir that’s a sin and then you honestly went down from there I disagreed quite a bit lol.

  • Ryan Watton
    Ryan Watton

    I love most of these songs

  • Code Unbreakable
    Code Unbreakable

    I like all of them but not love most of the song I agreed with the guy

  • The catapult Dio
    The catapult Dio

    I vibe hard to Nelly.

  • Bad Bros
    Bad Bros

    roomie: michael ja- michael jackson fanboys/fangirls: *H E L L O*

  • Ellie-Maie Baldwin
    Ellie-Maie Baldwin

    My whole family is obsesed with spice girls

  • Sofie Stenbæk
    Sofie Stenbæk

    Me watching: 👀 Umbrella comes: 👁👄👁... tom that you?

  • Briana Istre
    Briana Istre

    I think this song is for club goers. The Nelly song was the tits and people still play it on the jukeboxes. That shakira song can die. She sounds like Kermit the frog.

  • Laurits Ilskov
    Laurits Ilskov

    I Dont like thriller

  • Manny MASSAWE
    Manny MASSAWE

    Hotel room service is a meme.

  • Chris Street
    Chris Street

    I love roomies channel he's the best

  • The cheese Burgering lord
    The cheese Burgering lord

    Everyone when he poops on Adele: 👀

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams


  • deluxe pasta
    deluxe pasta

    u hate get lucky

  • Adda Wendo
    Adda Wendo

    Joel: yes yess Pharell: *exists* Joel: Nop😂😂

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