Popular Songs vs Riverdale Versions
Riverdale is MUCH MORE DIRTIER than I thought?!!
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Popular Songs vs Riverdale Versions
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  • Saeri Palmer
    Saeri Palmer

    "Its Freddie mercury"😅😅😅 I'm ded

  • I Make Anime Memes
    I Make Anime Memes

    Joel looks like Cole Sprouse.

  • Waifu

    is it just me or does joel look like jughead

  • Engaging Athena
    Engaging Athena

    13:09 get ready for me to simp for both my wife barrett and my husband jd d-did you just say riverdale was better😭😭 14:49 oh- i forgot i was attracted to jessica

  • Aguest

    You'd definitely prefer the Heather's soundtrack version of 17.

  • Aguest

    Riverdale doesn't need music, idk why it has it. It's ridiculously autotuned.

  • Paula Gonzales
    Paula Gonzales

    I know you don't like musicals but you should react to Hamilton. It is soooo good! I think you'll love it

  • Esther Fontenele
    Esther Fontenele

    Riverdale’s Seventeen is DEFINITELY better

  • Esther Fontenele
    Esther Fontenele

    He should see the Glee version of Maybe This Time, it’s honestly much better than Liza Minelli’s!

  • Ryuujin Baer
    Ryuujin Baer

    At 7:00 the original was actually by Cole Porter in 1934 and his original recording is definitely so much better than both versions. The Riverdale version ironically completely misses the point of the lyrics and actual makes the song what the original song was critiquing.

  • PurpleZebra9891416

    Talkin bout riverdale meanwhile joel over here lookin like Archie 😉

  • Borbála Bíró
    Borbála Bíró

    Apa in Hungary means Father. I freakin love Riverdale,sooo doesnt really matter,that how they sing,still i like their voices.😊

  • BeatrixTomomizu

    When there comes a musical you actually know and know kinda all the songs... I LOVE the Heather musical and I have the CD versions so I know, the songs in a clear voice... that was so weird xD and riverdale took 17 and just made it like the musical... kinda was a bit weird cause the boy vocals were in a diffrent tune, but ok... and Candystore was just a REALLY BIG mess... that was just aweful... I love this song and really love to sing it and Riverdale took it and threw it a in a waste bin with might... (it's really hard when your like: In german I would say "Die haben den Song in die Tonne getreten" and you need to phrase it somehow understandable in english...)

  • Charlie Rose on insta
    Charlie Rose on insta

    I love how Joel hasn't watched Riverdale so he doesn't know the backstory like where he's like *is that a hooters*

  • beachmagnolia

    Me: Roomies opinion is gold. Hes always right. Me 2 min later: BITCH you did not just choose an over produced and auto tuned version over my queen Sutton Foster! You're dead to me!

  • Tim Bennett
    Tim Bennett


    • SillyLøve 54
      SillyLøve 54


  • Daphne

    the fact that they picked sugar daddy from the movie and not the broadway version hurts my heart lmao

  • Femke

    I love how Joel doesn’t know who like huge deals are in musical theatre. Especially Sutton Foster or Barrett Wilbert Weed. And Renee Elise Goldsberry is amazing and literally won a tony but he just says ‘that other girl’ It really amuses me as a big musical theatre fan

  • amricatt

    I remember trying this show out when it first came out. It wasn't very good. I saw the title of this and had to ask myself, when did they started singing?

  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans

    You really need to watch the Neil Patrick Harris Sugar Daddy from Hedwig too, it's more rock & really good. I love the original, but Lena Hall wins my hear as Yitzhak. ❤

  • Johanna Kuhalainen
    Johanna Kuhalainen

    "main characters is called KJ Apa" no dude it's not that's the actors name. How can you just roast him like dat XDDD

  • Robin Fancey
    Robin Fancey

    Riverdale’s Seventeen was so impactful. Cole Sprouse’s singing was amazing

  • Robin Fancey
    Robin Fancey

    Riverdale’s Jailhouse Rock and Night we’ll Never Forget were also catchy

  • Robin Fancey
    Robin Fancey

    Riverdale’s Sugar Daddy was great

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    3:50 I'm sorry- correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they supposed to be highschool students?

  • Erizabesu Nakaruda
    Erizabesu Nakaruda

    He should check out the music numbers from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  • Allyssa Levey
    Allyssa Levey

    Not hooters POPS 😂😂😂

  • Brapm rr
    Brapm rr

    Riverdale have musical numbers? ... how.... when? i-

  • Krizia Soto
    Krizia Soto

    It hurt me how Joel chose the Riverdale version of Sugar Daddy :(

  • Anna Kerbl
    Anna Kerbl

    We watched Rockedman in School

  • Anna Kerbl
    Anna Kerbl

    They make it like that in Riverdale because it is like a bar they are singing at

  • Hadassah

    From what I’ve heard of riverdale, I’m surprised it got any votes at all

  • Elana of Earth
    Elana of Earth

    New RoomieOfficial sub here. Is it just me or is Joel the musical cousin of Pewdiepie? Either way, love your videos!

  • Elin Puumala
    Elin Puumala

    Why are you only listening to like 2 seconds of the song and judging by that I mean come one thats not even a fair judgment

  • Cali Pistorius Winegar
    Cali Pistorius Winegar

    Also, anything goes is very high energy, hilarious tap friendly musical.

  • B

    Joel looks like jughead.

  • becca castillo
    becca castillo

    Nunca entiendo lo que dices pero me gustan tus vídeos juas juas

  • Rainbow roblox Queen
    Rainbow roblox Queen

    You need to do reacting to mucicals

  • MacaRon · Weasley
    MacaRon · Weasley

    Screech they trashed Heathers, especially Candy Store

  • MacaRon · Weasley
    MacaRon · Weasley

    *Riverdale please leave our precious bway please Heathers was already a great loss*

  • IK eat vis
    IK eat vis

    in season 4 it just started to be a bad musical it was good first but became trash after the 1 st season i mean 3th season in season 4

  • Depressed Gay Wizard
    Depressed Gay Wizard

    Cold Sprouse wasn't singing during the chorus of seventeen. They mixed his voice with a professional singer.

  • Drama Is my middle name
    Drama Is my middle name

    Am I the only one that gets a Cole vibe from Joel, no, only me? ok.

  • Georgia Newman
    Georgia Newman

    "the other girl" is Renee Elise goldsberry who was in Hamilton...smh

    • MacaRon · Weasley
      MacaRon · Weasley


  • Leon Mayne
    Leon Mayne

    I can't believe they made a musical about Carrie!

  • Lilz Millis
    Lilz Millis

    When he thought elvis Presley was Freddie Mercury 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JeLi Bean
    JeLi Bean

    I love how he didn't even notice the girl singing the Rent song at the start played Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton!!!

  • Sally Newman
    Sally Newman

    I watched the first half of series 1 of Riverdale and there was no singing. What happened? Seriously, if you watch the show, explain to me how it became a musical, please.

  • Inyoung Jang
    Inyoung Jang

    What's the deal w/ this😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's killing me

  • Alan cross
    Alan cross

    considering that riverdales cast is supposed to be teenagers and they're singing songs about going out and getting boozed up and drunk thats a hard pass for me...

  • Twilightwild

    It almost feels the creators got inspiration from High School Music

  • Twilightwild

    I’m not a big fan of the show or the music. I just feel like the show took a bad turn after season 2

  • MrSir014

    Would be awesome to see you review musical films. Like Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, etc.

  • socks are pog
    socks are pog

    as much as i love seventeen and heathers in general, I gotta give it to riverdale too. although I way preferred the original candy store

  • Tymurah Kerr
    Tymurah Kerr

    Riverdale nearly ruined Heathers for me

  • Mikayla

    *video plays* RoomieOfficial: “hmm” *video continues* RoomieOfficial: “OH THEY SING WELL”

  • SSBGogetaFTW

    the odd thing about the heathers one is that the song is literally about a girl trying to talk down an actual serial killer and Riverdale decided "Cute!!! romantic!!!" while JD is literally manipulating Veronica into believing his lies lol

  • ulciaks _5
    ulciaks _5

    Seventeen to Riverdale? Really? My heart is broken

  • Phil Kemper
    Phil Kemper

    Ngl Joel looks alot like Cole Sprouse..... 👁👄👁

  • Maja Wyrzykowska
    Maja Wyrzykowska

    Please make a part 2 ❤

  • Katie Beattie
    Katie Beattie

    I love it when they say the thing in the thing

  • Mona

    okay but like seriously, why exactly did riverdale start adding musical numbers in?? Like I see no benefits for the show at all, it was fine without them in like season 1

  • B

    im a fan of riverdale (and a fan of yours ofc) and basically the musical numbers are 1 of 3 things 1. part of the musical episodes (yaknow, school musicals) 2. one of the characters (mostly josie and veronica) are performing at an event or the speakeasy 3. it just kinda happens

  • doreime

    This is one of my newest favourites but I think it’s because I also am baffled by riverdale

  • riley hietla
    riley hietla

    I’m sad he didn’t just immediately give all the points to broadway

  • rayssa sa
    rayssa sa

    joey: the other girl is so much better the other girl: renée elise goldsberry tomy and grammy winner

  • Jazmin Astrid Hernández Juárez
    Jazmin Astrid Hernández Juárez

    I need part 3 glee

  • mEeP

    As someone else who's never seen Riverdale....... wtf? There's musical numbers? Why?

  • Kimotee

    I would actually love to see Joel react to some more musicals. As a big musical fan, I completely understand why people don't like them but I think he'd appreciate some of the vocals, and would love to hear what he has to say.

  • The Homies
    The Homies

    Even if u watch riverdale 5 times u will still be confused!!!!!!!

  • Liana Charlton
    Liana Charlton

    Joel: Ah fun hair That’s Liza Minnelli!

  • Kat Burgess
    Kat Burgess

    Nah, listen to Neil Patrick Harris' version of Sugar Daddy from the Tony Awards, now that was a production.

  • Every Channel
    Every Channel

    Apa also means dad in hungarian 😂😂

  • Aneke Dudy
    Aneke Dudy

    Joel, you should definitely consider a "real" musical episode, you'll see "that girl" from the "Rent" clip again (Renée Elise Goldsberry). Hamilton in it's entirety will blow you away!

  • Hedie Hasani
    Hedie Hasani

    You look like jughead 😂😂😍

  • Pika Plays
    Pika Plays

    He should’ve watched a different part of candy store ngl

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose

    Riverdale is literally awful when it comes to music and they make the people with the worst voices sing the most. In my opinion, Lili Reinhart is pretty much the only one with a decent voice. I was honestly surprised though at how well Cole Sprouse did in the ballad song where him and Lili had to harmonize. That’s definitely my favorite one they’ve done on Riverdale.

  • lucy mckain
    lucy mckain

    I’ve watched Riverdale since the beginning and can’t remember a lot of these numbers 😂

  • Gemini

    I don't understand what riverdale about.. it is musical??

    • MacaRon · Weasley
      MacaRon · Weasley

      No, they ruin musicals. That's all I know coz I never wanna watch it

  • Anna Harris
    Anna Harris

    But why did Riverdale make the girl in blue (who im guessing is veronica) sing Heather's part? Veronica isn't like that at all **visible confusion**

  • pajor hermina
    pajor hermina

    I missed mad world😢💫

  • Syed Iftikhar Ali
    Syed Iftikhar Ali

    I HATE HATE HATE THE MUSICAL EPISODES SM- WHY??? WHY do you have to make Riverdale a musical???

  • Asiel Starlit
    Asiel Starlit

    Seriously cole Sprouse and roomie look similar

  • Purnima Gurung
    Purnima Gurung

    Truly the highs and lows of high-school football

  • The_setch

    Can you react to swiss pop songs?🇨🇭

  • Mike / Lapis
    Mike / Lapis


  • My name is Salamander
    My name is Salamander

    7:29 she is on a stage so it should problably be sounding kinda like a cave

  • Caity Strong
    Caity Strong

    I think if you compared Neil Patrick Harris’ Sugar Daddy instead of the original film, the Broadway version would have won.

  • Gabby

    I thought ‘Out tonight’ was going to be the movie version and I honestly have nothing against Rosario Dawson but let’s be real Renee Elise Goldsberry was one of the best Broadway mimi’s ever. Edit: no most musicals aren’t about ‘ladies of the night’ every musical is different but some have numbers like that to gain attention from the audience. Edit: ANYTHING GOES IN HERE WAS EVERYTHING SUTTON FOSTER IS LITERALLY MY IDOL AND I ASPIRE TO BE HER! Sutton foster was in the 2011 revival version of anything goes (the one in this video) but the original musical which I believe was in 1987 or 1997 was originally sung by Patti LuPone. JOEL I’M DISAPPOINTED YOU DIDN’T PICK SUTTON’S VERSION (but you also missed her tap dance break and final note in the song not to mention she won her second tony for her performance in anything goes.

  • MrFlyingFox76

    You should do The Magicians, I absolutely loved their song episodes.

  • Daisy

    the singer from anything goes is fiona from shrek the musical

  • Janka

    I’m sad he missed the one where Jughead and Betty are shouting at each other, I think we all wanted to see his reaction

  • Evie Gadenne
    Evie Gadenne

    Haha joel and cole nothing like each other

  • Imnotgoodatnamingthings

    We know he gave seventeen to Riverdale because it had his look a like.

  • Nele Lou
    Nele Lou

    the reason why some of the production are similar to the glee production is because the producer from riverdale also worked on glee :))

  • Billiethatgurl Roblox
    Billiethatgurl Roblox

    Yeah, Riverdale didn't do so well with the Jailhouse Rock one...

  • Jackie Loves Life
    Jackie Loves Life

    No cap roomie can def play jugheaddd, I would so stan

  • RebelishGirl

    You should react to Hamilton!

    • MacaRon · Weasley
      MacaRon · Weasley

      Its one of my favourites

  • Eszter Istenes
    Eszter Istenes

    Apa means father in my languege 😂

  • matthew woods
    matthew woods

    You skipped the good part of Saturdays alright for fighting from that movie, the good part wasn't from the kid it was from the adult. Ahhh