Singers with LONG careers vs SHORT careers
Some of these artists have been going FOREVER and some of them left us too soon :(
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Singers with LONG careers vs SHORT careers
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  • daMonAlbaRn fan account?
    daMonAlbaRn fan account?

    Nirvanas first debut album was actually in 1989 so they where a band for 4 years! Annndd Kurt and krist already started playing as a band in their high school years.

  • Jack King
    Jack King

    Freedie mercury had along carrer

  • Francessa Bakery
    Francessa Bakery

    Why'd he change white? Michael Jackson*

  • HappyDays シ
    HappyDays シ

    My dad was actually wa body guard foe Micheal:>

  • anna duran
    anna duran

    Thought juicewrld was gonna be on here Sad

  • Guilherme Ferreiro
    Guilherme Ferreiro

    Michael Jackson has 50 years of careers in 2020

  • Fiona Jones
    Fiona Jones

    0:00 he has nose eyes

  • Mihir Tekur
    Mihir Tekur

    00:00 That is Roomie's nose with eyes! LOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Belli Bells
    Belli Bells

    Amazing vid & btw xxxtentacion was killed 6-18-18 🕊

  • how to TUTORIALS
    how to TUTORIALS

    but still xxxtentacion is a legend

  • Jimmy Stuffz
    Jimmy Stuffz

    5:45 why

  • PogChamp


  • Drake Grissom
    Drake Grissom

    I’m not gonna lie. I have heard Like a surgeon-weird Al Yankovich. But never I’m a virgin.


    aye yo xxxtentacion is a legend. And where is Krewella

  • Dzangl je Masivan
    Dzangl je Masivan

    @roomieofficial Toma Zdravkovic best singer ever.

  • BiGBoiAdAM

    XXXtentacion started 2013 -2018

  • wuud on twitch my guy sup
    wuud on twitch my guy sup

    Alright x fan boy here, but anyway X died in 2018 he started rapping in 2013. Just wasnt that known

  • King Jaime The 2nd
    King Jaime The 2nd

    xxxtentacion passed away in 2018 his other music was released after his death

  • Gold_SUSH1

    Enimen has the best career

  • Tan Coo
    Tan Coo


  • Αργύρης Παυλιώτης
    Αργύρης Παυλιώτης

    Eminem started at 1989 bth

  • Thomas J Richards
    Thomas J Richards

    0:00 Click very fast to see it



  • ayu!

    Queen is actually still active, just less members. They are still touring all over he world with Adam Lambert. Their career was 1972-Present

  • Janet Venegas
    Janet Venegas

    It’s Fake press his profile picture he joined 3 months ago and only has 588 subs

  • Viktor Matejic
    Viktor Matejic

    Fake alert xxxtentacion started in 2013 and made look at me in 2015 if u dint know and ur a fan ur not a OG then

  • Albert Edgar
    Albert Edgar

    Who else saw the overlay sexual add?

  • Levi The Great
    Levi The Great

    5:15 Only people that play the Roblox game, after the flash know why I commented this.


    *E M I N E M*

  • Sami Dey Alexandre
    Sami Dey Alexandre

    sting? i thought it police. wasnt that the name

  • ItzDRT

    Eminem sucks MGK is the king

  • Aireus Plays
    Aireus Plays

    In the Justin timberlake famous songs why did it not show his song *mirrors*

  • annagrace alves
    annagrace alves

    Anybody that misses X gang where you at😵😟🙂

  • Sahajleen Kaur
    Sahajleen Kaur

    just saw this for XXX

    • annagrace alves
      annagrace alves


  • STUDENT James (Jamie) Moloney
    STUDENT James (Jamie) Moloney

    Are all if them legened

  • Fin Gallagher
    Fin Gallagher

    X died in 2018 not 2019

  • Caveman Spongbob
    Caveman Spongbob

    Jeff Buckley: *Breaths* Roomie: That's Beautiful 😢


    Micheal Jackson and Sting have the most career time.

  • Dylan Ace Robinson
    Dylan Ace Robinson

    I was born in 2009

  • Ari Loren
    Ari Loren

    its police not sting

  • Rotten Egg lord
    Rotten Egg lord

    They should have had Bon Jovi I’m pretty sure they have been around for 37 years and counting

  • n3nnanz

    So. Nirvana And it said only two years but it said 1994 on a song and they’ve been lasting since the 80s so whoever did the video wrong

  • Itz Lily!
    Itz Lily!

    12:48 there's just that lonely dog in a cone

  • c Janssen
    c Janssen

    without eminem ed sheeran would died by drugs

  • TTV Fearless_Alex__
    TTV Fearless_Alex__

    Bro xxxtentacion was 2013-2018 he died at 20

  • Lil DesDerMan
    Lil DesDerMan

    X died in 2018 THIS INSULTING 😡

  • Lil DesDerMan
    Lil DesDerMan

    XXXTENTACION actually died in 2018 and his career started in 2016 so its actually 2016-2018

  • Jodi Guilfu
    Jodi Guilfu

    xxtentacion died in 2018

  • Maria do Rosário Leal
    Maria do Rosário Leal

    Long live the amazing and legendary King of Music and Dance MICHAEL JACKSON 👑🎶🕺❤️❤️❤️

  • Kate Muna
    Kate Muna

    Did you know that Roomie is 32 yrs old? 😀🔫

  • Row dwag
    Row dwag

    Cuz you could of done tupac but if not then idc

  • Row dwag
    Row dwag

    Will there be part 2 or is there already

  • Kevvyplayz BG
    Kevvyplayz BG

    Hitler is a smooth criminal

  • robert games
    robert games

    We don't have a imitation show in my country

  • Mauricio Arellano
    Mauricio Arellano

    xxx only rapped one year

  • Christpher castro
    Christpher castro

    Xxxtantasion died on June 18 2018 his Career was actually 3 years long look at me was made in 2015 any released his first album in 2017 so you’re wrong

  • Annabel De Vera
    Annabel De Vera

    Frediemercury 1945 I think he died 45 or 46

  • Olivia Harris
    Olivia Harris

    MJ's brother could NEEEVVVEERRR!!!!

  • Controlled By
    Controlled By

    Fun fact: there are 7 Micheal Jackson comments in this section lol

  • Controlled By
    Controlled By

    Ice cube's eyebrows have more talent than 6ixe9ine


    X had a career from 2015-2018 he died at 2018

  • Jeremy Downin
    Jeremy Downin

    Did u get this idea by Tommy Craze?

  • King Kuñta
    King Kuñta

    Michael has such an iconic voice

  • FunkoFloppyStar

    Didn’t XXX die in 2018? He literally died a week before I went to Malia in 2018.

  • SamerEyes

    0:39 boy he kinda scary

  • Milosava Tomic
    Milosava Tomic

    Sting 2016 looks like he should be in Arvingarna

  • Milosava Tomic
    Milosava Tomic

    - Tied you to a chair, hallelujah. Roomie - Beatifiul

  • 3rmaC_reaper

    Hentai and senpai r the only two Japanese words I know 😂😂😂

  • Vittorio Izzo
    Vittorio Izzo

    X died in 2018 not 2019


    Me when I saw Daniel thrasher 👁👄👁

  • Linh Tiến
    Linh Tiến

    rick asley must be the longest career lol

  • Slytherin Mood
    Slytherin Mood

    It’s Michael Jackson and Madonna that are the best

  • John Pearman Pierrat
    John Pearman Pierrat

    Just found this out. Love the content. Very educational, really good points on the history of music and how the became iconic. I'm 30 now. Nirvana and Michael Jackson will never be miss in my daily routine.

  • PastelTilly

    Okay if you say one more bad shame thing about queen.Imma go cry in the basemant you just walked out 😂🤣😥And also Michael Jackson and freddy actually were friends+ in the song they recorded together theyr voices almost sound accurate.

  • •Lizz TPN•
    •Lizz TPN•

    SAD! Was a good song why did he havr ti leave?

  • Kody Widle
    Kody Widle

    Where is ZZTop Roomie!?!?!?!?

  • Bruh Sheep
    Bruh Sheep

    Did anyone else see past the blurs or am I a god

  • topcheddargaming

    Y does it say 1991-1993 but in the second music video it says 1994

  • Grace Sussal
    Grace Sussal

    Flashback to when Joel didn’t know who Amy Whinehouse was and now completely forgot show she broke a Grammy Record.... -claps for Joel- (this was ment to be a joke no hate just a funny joke lol) Also sis.. that ain’t how dear Amy died!!!

  • neptune caca
    neptune caca

    Yep and also x

  • XJordancoolboiX03 RBLX
    XJordancoolboiX03 RBLX

    2018 XXTENTACION is not 2019

  • Znqtx

    i really miss xxx and juice wrld really make me cry, i miss them so much and it just makes me so sad hearing about them because they died..

  • J P
    J P


  • rajahn Hill
    rajahn Hill


  • Xxbunny_r0sexX

    The one with Nirvana is wrong, Come As You Are was released in 1991 along with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Come As You Are was intended to be the hit single off of Nevermind.

  • grizzly greenwood
    grizzly greenwood

    Nirvana made records before 1991.

  • Anna Sofia
    Anna Sofia

    Wherer was Paul McCartney in this video?? 😱

  • Chronic YT
    Chronic YT

    Is noone gonna talk about how they said nirvana had their career from 1991-1993 but the second song is on 1994

    • ayu!

      no, nirvana was 1988-1994, after kurt died in april 1994.

    • Lars Somers
      Lars Somers

      Plus they have released songs since 1988

    • MeltedRainbowz

      Oh yea...

  • Jug Nikolic
    Jug Nikolic


  • preet suri
    preet suri

    Can we all just appriciate the starting AMEN EYE NOSE

  • Aajyat lepcha
    Aajyat lepcha

    Madonna die another day sampled music beat

    • Aajyat lepcha
      Aajyat lepcha


  • THT guy
    THT guy

    XXX Tentacion RiP You're the best .

  • Aylén Villarreal
    Aylén Villarreal

    2008 Beyonce was realising DIVA. She freacking invented trap (she may not, but she was the one that really brought trap bases to the pop scene, and it was even way before dubstep got there). She was doing it before anyone else. If you don't believe me, check it yourself :)

  • Aylén Villarreal
    Aylén Villarreal

    Love the video. But: Queen doesn't have as many hits? Watch your tongue, I can think 12 just from the top of my head :O

    • Aadrit Medhi
      Aadrit Medhi

      @Aylén Villarreal Ok

    • Aylén Villarreal
      Aylén Villarreal

      @Aadrit Medhi is not the expression for "careful about what you've just said" and/or "think again about what you've just said"? It is also used for when people swears. I can always change it for "watch what you are saying". In that moment it just came like that to me 💁. I do think that comparing both kings is sacrilegious, they are equally great artists with equally amazing careers.

    • Aadrit Medhi
      Aadrit Medhi

      Watch your tongue?

  • Michelle Dawn
    Michelle Dawn

    Jeff Buckley's death breaks my heart..

  • Danielle Stanley
    Danielle Stanley

    You so kid friendly you don't even say beer names

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    Dude you haven't heard rock my world??

  • Humberto 2611
    Humberto 2611

    where is Love on Top from Beyoncé

  • Trent the cool kid
    Trent the cool kid

    I think I watch this like 54 time

  • Carolyn Black
    Carolyn Black

    nirvana is 89-93 just fyi