Pro Singer does online Hearing Test (Can YOU hear this?)
Do you have BETTER HEARING than me?!
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Pro Singer does online Hearing Test (Can YOU hear this?)
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  • Dart blast
    Dart blast

    hey im waiting for your reaction to leave the door open

  • Giovanni Cabrini
    Giovanni Cabrini

    I've been playing drums since I was 7, but I found out super early that drums can cause ear loss (in the worst case) so i always played with headphones/earbuds since then (even though everyone was mocking me for doing so). Well, I think it paid out since the test result is: 'The maximum frequency you can hear is: 18985 Hz Your hearing age is: 18' P.s. I'm 26

  • soph hay
    soph hay

    My ears are ringing after watching this video 😭🤣

  • cats

    I thought I was deaf But my headphones broke

  • Halloween Jacq
    Halloween Jacq

    Well, this was pure torture thanks

  • HotRod 35 / gaming
    HotRod 35 / gaming

    2:49 me with caption on 😈

  • Carla Joy Yalong
    Carla Joy Yalong

    Joel screaming just made me laugh 😂🤣

  • T S
    T S

    Bit late to this but I've almost been deaf several times and struggle hearing people so this video was interesting to watch, plus i can totally relate to the weird throbbing/swollen/pitch thing in the ear. Tbh i think being a musician has helped my hearing as i am more aware of how important it is and how to control it (especially as playing the violin can really damage the left ear, but fyi my hearing problems werent caused by that)

  • idespisemyexistence

    Idk why but he looks like Elon Musk in thumbnail

  • Paulina Carlisle
    Paulina Carlisle

    relatable .. I have bilateral impaired hearing and wear hearing aids; word/speech recognition is such a struggle .. and I also have severe tinnitus

  • Pinky Noble
    Pinky Noble

    I have a very slight hearing loss everytime I have a severe cold but I regain my hearing once it passes. It started when I was about 8 yrs old. The adults in our house made me blow my nose hard and it affected my right ear mostly. Since then I get earache attacks when I have a cold. The most painful ones really makes me groan and cry while lying down on the bed and praying to the Lord to take away the pain. I consulted with a doctor and prescribed analgesic and decongestants. I love listening to music and I leatned how to take safety precautions from loud sounds especially when wearing headphones. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • 〜 Pastel Nutella 〜
    〜 Pastel Nutella 〜

    Me who’s wearing headphones at full vol

  • blimp

    thank you editor for lowering the volume at the right time haha

  • BKXY

    I think I have hearing loss ;-;

  • Shania Sookhai
    Shania Sookhai

    He was hearing waayy higher than me.....and I'm 15

  • Paul Milde
    Paul Milde

    According to the Hearing-age-test I'm 19. I am 21.

  • MnAboba Productions
    MnAboba Productions

    I have bad hearing I couldn’t hear a lot of them

  • sana chan
    sana chan

    Please react to SB19's WHAT? Slap me if they didn't shook you😂

  • Angy Owusu
    Angy Owusu

    Subscribe to This Channel, it's amazing!

  • ImaWeirdoUwUz

    most of the time when i hear something really high pitched i feel like i'm gonna puke T^T

  • Lemmas

    I play piano, age 22, hearing age 44 (around 14.5khz). No tinnitus, for some reason I just can't hear high frequencies.



  • Summyia Niazi
    Summyia Niazi

    Do another video of the dances video and include the dances from one direction's best song ever and the no control dance!!!! I will post it on every video until u do Joel!!!!

  • Haley Johnston
    Haley Johnston

    Ok so as someone with a hearing loss I really appreciated this video, don’t know why. 😂 Also online tests like this I don’t think are very accurate, you might be able to tell that there are certain frequencies that you can’t hear, but it’s difficult to know exactly how bad it is until you get hearing aids. Also for most of my life I thought everyone had tinnitus, sooo.

  • Charlotte

    10:00 Me: Really?

  • Tristan Schommer
    Tristan Schommer

    I have a video idea bad song with good music videos

  • Lenuta Tabac
    Lenuta Tabac

    Please react to Lola Mercer (They use they/them pronouns)

  • applepie427

    My- My ears are throbbing and I'm a pianist-

  • Da Wolf
    Da Wolf

    Roomie: If you can hear this, then your hearing is better than mine (the tinnitus one) Me who's a kid: **panic**

  • Monique Mills
    Monique Mills

    I took it and honestly thought I had some hearing loss in my left ear but it said I didnt 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Ogun Gou
    Ogun Gou

    Hi. The links for the websites for the tests ('cause they are pretty neat compared to the other google results), if you please. I only found 4 of them. The one with de green round buttons + ans -, what's its name (url), thanks!


    hey roomie do you react to the turkish songs

  • Ronjamina

    I'll probably lose my hearing before the new song comes out 🦗🦗🦗

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M

    i didn’t think i had hearing loss but man that was hard

  • Ogun Gou
    Ogun Gou

    If you can't hear people speak in noisy places, the problem could be cognitive in nature (filter out other voices in a crowded place when listening to one. Being able to watch a movie without hearing the annoying sounds of people munching on popcorn. Our brains is supposed to discriminate). I had this problem more than 30 years ago in high school and at university, with my social anxiety, my chronic stress, my phobias and my vagal hypersensitivity ... But when I managed to find myself totally relaxed in a populated place (quite an achievement, albeit transient ... at the time), this problem no longer manifested itself.

  • fluteplayer

    A few years ago I took part in a research study about hearing loss in musicians. I (obviously) play the flute, but for marching band I played piccolo for ten years (it was only seven at the time) and the theory was that piccolo players would have more hearing loss on one side than the other (piccolos are higher pitched and generally louder than flutes so would theoretically cause more hearing loss). Unfortunately, either because the sample was too young (they recruited from the college marching band so 18-22) or because their theory was flawed, the results were inconclusive. My test specifically showed that I didn’t have any hearing loss yet, but there was a strong potential for future hearing loss (also I was 19 or 20 at the time). I’d be interested to do a real hearing test again now that it’s been a few years to see how that “future hearing loss” shook out.

    • fluteplayer

      Also I have this theory that musicians just perform better on hearing tests because we’re more trained to use our ears. The test I took was basically just “hit this button when you hear a tone” and as a musician I’m more adept at picking out a quiet sound a non-musician might not notice, which would skew the results.

  • Felix Wadsley
    Felix Wadsley

    roomie age 32 hearing age 28 me 13 hearing age 36

  • Necromancer14

    that thing that went higher and higher was like OUCH.

  • Nhoriyel Lapeña
    Nhoriyel Lapeña

    Me: when i see the title, gets interested (watch) Also Me: (after watching) headache and ears aches

  • Sakura Chan
    Sakura Chan

    It's more than a little bit pitchy

  • Jetii~

    I don't have that bad of a hearing but almost always when someone says something to me I'd say "What?" because I don't think I heard all of what they're saying to me, weird habit. Or I'm just slow.

  • Hannah Zechariah
    Hannah Zechariah

    I had a job in my twenties which required my hearing to be tested annually. My hearing got better with time.... Because I learnt how the test works and trained my ear to hear the absense of a noise even when I couldn't hear the noise. I guess I was surprised to realise being trained musically didn't give you some of those 'advantages' in these quizzes.

  • Kayla Day
    Kayla Day

    I don;'t like the condescending way that first man spoke to you. CHOOSE THE WORDS

  • DatOneGuy

    I have learned I have worst hearing than Joel.

  • perennials

    I lost it at Joel screaming at his phone

  • Bárbara Góis
    Bárbara Góis

    You should watch the movie Sound of metal. Its great

  • LK. Pawz
    LK. Pawz

    ...I need to find Joel drumming videos now 👀

  • Fils H
    Fils H

    This choppy and sped up editing is STRESSING me out

  • Lorelai Saporito
    Lorelai Saporito

    I'm ten and I got two 28

  • Louie Kearney
    Louie Kearney

    Luv your vids keep on going roomie!

  • Cereal Fiend
    Cereal Fiend

    JOEL!! HERE IS A LIST OF BTS LIVE AND NOT LIVE SONGS YOU SHOULD MAKE A VIDEO ON!! 1. ON 2. Blood Sweat And Tears 3. Mikrokosmos 4. Fake Love 5. Pied piper 6. Zero O’clock (it’s a single by the vocalists 7. Answer : Love Myself 8. Spring Day 9. Magic Shop 10. We are bulletproof : The Eternal Like so he will see and hopefully react to some of them!

  • Autumn S
    Autumn S

    Me being 20 and having 26 year old hearing hahah

  • Autumn S
    Autumn S

    Bruh. I took the second hearing test and it actually blew the speaker in my earbuds. It was that loud. My headphones are dead. 🥲 Okay it was temporary they’re working again thankfully haha

  • Jada Huycke
    Jada Huycke

    I’m a new subscriber

  • Sealinum

    My dad is a drummer and i grew up going with him on gigs and just roaming around in the .. rehersal place? (replokal). Eventually he built a rehersal place in our basement and i was more or less always there listening when the band was there. Never used any kind of ear protection and i've had hearing loss and tinnitus since i was a kid XD Aaah, the 90's.. lol!

    • Sealinum

      It was such a weird time. I remember going to huge events when i was like 9 and just walking around the venue unsupervised and even in the damn crowd while they were playing, like it was compleatly normal. Apart from a few sober adults in the crew the whole place was basicly a really large pub with a stage and everyone was drunk. I have a hard time thinking my mom ever knew i was actually free to roam around and not safe in some back room with a babysitter :P

  • Ashley Atienza
    Ashley Atienza

    me every second of this vid: *ow*

  • Fluteperson01

    As a piccolo play I can relate to hearing loss and thinking ear plugs are for wusses

  • Codruța-Maria Frățilă
    Codruța-Maria Frățilă

    I have tinnitus. It makes it so hard to sleep, rest or concentrate.

  • MBS 1402
    MBS 1402

    no one me: using subtitles so i don’t have to work out what they are saying, and google just helps me understand what the machine is saying

  • Ultralama279

    I am also a drummer and my right ear is bad too so yeah

  • Oak Greenwood
    Oak Greenwood

    When u get a bad score, not because you have bad hearing, but because adhd is a bitch.

  • Downstage Right
    Downstage Right

    I feel like this would make a great horror game

  • x3kiwiix3

    I went back and did the "how old is your hearing" test and the tone generator and now I'm sad. I always thought I have fairly good hearing.

  • Niels074LP

    my hearing age is 41...

  • Christopher Winters
    Christopher Winters

    Roomie, dont plan on staying in LA for too long. Cost of living is needlessly expensive. Even if u have the means to cover the expenses, since mid to late last year, many long time CA residents have been relocating and gtfo of CA. Researchers are predicting a massive shift in land where everything west of I-5 could break off or submerge in water. Not saying it's happening tmrw but just food for thought if you're thinking anything long-term.

  • BriPK 95
    BriPK 95

    I had a lot more trouble hearing through the chatter than the static on the first one but I still could.

  • Josefine Bernhard
    Josefine Bernhard

    I feel like I’m getting deaf after watching this 😅 couldn’t hear the high notes 😂

  • Dr4g0nW4g0n

    Day 5 of commenting until Joel reacts to an Arctic Monkeys song

  • Sergio Guzman
    Sergio Guzman

    I did worse than Joel

  • ChibiKitsune

    If you have issues discerning noises, it could be you have auditory processing issues. I have it myself - though I can hear people speak, I can't make out what they say if the environment is noisy. If you're really anxious about losing your physical ability to hear, it might be worth looking into. It could just be a slight processing issue, and nothing much to worry about ☺️

  • Kizo

    4:12 is this guy going gray? Damn

  • Aistė Dūdytė
    Aistė Dūdytė

    me before watcing RoomieOfficial videos: I need to stop listening to muzic becouse my hearing is worst and becouse of singing my voice is "broken". Me after watching RoomieOfficial videos: well that didin't work out.....


    But can you hear this

  • Darth Altus
    Darth Altus

    Mine went out at the same time as Joel son the second test

  • Katie from The Haunted Hive
    Katie from The Haunted Hive

    Joel: Takes hearing tests in a video, does great. Me: Watches video, now feels deaf. I have a hard time hearing low freq in general, mid range I'm ok as long as the background noise level isn't too loud. High freq I have always been able to hear really, really well.

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall

    4:53 Nobody: Nobody at all: Roomie: iT sOuNdS LiKe A pReTtY biRd

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall


  • 王小虎

    Roomie: "I'm basically gonna be Beethoven 2" Editor: plays Bach's minuet 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • No but hey on you
    No but hey on you

    Apparantly my older sister can hear higher notes than me, which i find Odd because her hearing is bad overall. I do really notice that my grandparents can’t her high notes at all, because they have an electric lighter that makes a really high annoying sound at all times, but they can’t hear it at all

  • Suki la Mae
    Suki la Mae

    I GET THE EAR PULSES TOO! I’m glad I’m not alone 😅

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    My dog went crazy watching this. Thanks Joel, dogs crying now

  • Dulani Fernando
    Dulani Fernando

    Woah I heard the 17,000hz

  • Mosta baba
    Mosta baba

    9:30 Roomie: Now it’s getting a bit quieter Me: Literally flinching in agony

  • Anna Adams
    Anna Adams

    Also, first of all I thought tinnitus was a different sound for everyone, it´s not necessarily that "beeping" sound only, it can be a variety of different sounds. Besides, technically even though you "hear" it, it has nothing to do with your ears, it has to do with your brain (tinnitus IS caused by hearing damage like listening to too loud music or noise, and hearing nerves are very fragile. What I mean though is that tinnitus is not an external source of sound which irritates you, it is a signal from your own brain), so in any case I´m not sure what that "test" is trying to do really by "matching your tinnitus". You either have tinnitus or you don´t (and of course in different severities). Maybe I missed the point, I don´t know.

  • Anna Adams
    Anna Adams

    You´d think I would have been used to these video starts "TODAY I´m gonna make a pickle into a flute and see if american or british pickles are better" but no, the "TODAY" part shocks me every time still.

  • Éke

    so apparently I have shitty hearing though I kinda knew that already. Joel just clapped me on these tests

  • leon 73
    leon 73

    Am I deaf or you didnt hear anything on 2:13 too?

  • Limit

    Bruh I should try this I’ve been partially deaf since I was born

  • Crabbeoo ooo
    Crabbeoo ooo

    i partially lost my hearing from drums and ive always had tinnitus

  • Lushana Williams
    Lushana Williams

    But where is the pro singer

  • Astralblade

    You can hear words or numbers in a certain environment A schools lunch area:

  • Harky TV
    Harky TV

    Pro singer

  • Mary Pavlou
    Mary Pavlou

    It happens to me too. That thing that Joel feels ( the pulsingin the ear) But I'm 13...

  • Shadow Gray
    Shadow Gray

    The high pitched sounds made my dog start barking.

  • Joshplayz_

    He gets better

  • Sarah Eaton
    Sarah Eaton

    I had meningitis as a baby that caused my moderate to severe hearing loss. I did manage to be a violin player and singer all my school years successfully. High pitched women have always been a struggle for me to hear, which is why I probably had more guy friends then girl friends lol. Reading lips for my hearing loss has been tough during a pandemic lol as I don't wear hearing aids. Have you ever seen the cost of hearing aids it's highway robbery.

  • Snice !
    Snice !

    Is this just me?- Whenever I wear earbuds and the sound is too far to one side, it causes me to either cry or have a persistent itch in my other ear.

  • JV Padilla
    JV Padilla

    I feel that pulsing sound too, before i can tolerate volumes 75% above, but now hearing volumes 50% above makes my ear irritate and make those pulsing sound.

  • Isabella

    From a partially deaf musician, this was really cool to see you do. I’m really young, and everyone has always told me that I can’t be a musician and play music, but “BOY WERE THEY WRONG” -theodd1sout I always embraced it as a part of me, and no one ever picked up on it and regarded it as a disability that wasn’t ok to talk about. It was really cool to see you doing it 👍

  • ShadowolfNewZealand

    Anyone else notice that on the parts you may not hear that a warmth or pain would still shoot through your ears? Just me? Ok 😕