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  • Mickey Dill
    Mickey Dill

    I love cavetown!!!


    Hey u should react to Shy Away by twenty one pilots, it's really GOOD

  • qxaurious

    I was dying when Joel was listening to ,,we fell in love in october" 💀

  • Yuchen CHEN
    Yuchen CHEN

    is it just me but i'm really curious to see Joel's spotify playlists.

  • Công Chính Lê
    Công Chính Lê

    LS... uhmmmmm i’m not gonna say that :XD Bruh larbrin sia diplo

  • Stellar Riot
    Stellar Riot

    I like devil town by cavetown 😁

  • Guadalupe Rodriguez
    Guadalupe Rodriguez

    10:35 HUGE NOOOOOO

  • Cassidy McKnight
    Cassidy McKnight

    Conan and Cavetown are also youtubers! I grew up watching their covers, you should really go give their other music a listen!!

  • TheLazyDuck

    *Completely ignores Daniel Caesar and Giveon*

  • Maricar Macuroy
    Maricar Macuroy

    It's kind a cute when joel and clairo in sync putting thier 🕶️👓

  • Jannik Zabel
    Jannik Zabel

    Hey Joel, you should really watch Justin Biebers peaches desktop performance. Amazing live Vocals trust me

  • Florencia Pichetti
    Florencia Pichetti

    4:25 ''Ed Sheeran Junior'' xD

  • Sssniperwolf g
    Sssniperwolf g

    broyou dont need a mask this crap is so stupid

  • Stronger By Nature
    Stronger By Nature

    the video for supalonely is such a kiwi looking production XD

  • WihaQwQ

    please react to Either Tally Hall or Heatwaves pls =) heccing good bands =)

  • SuperiorGo

    Ed Sheeran jr is roomie jr

  • WihaQwQ


  • Aslakkk_

    Roomie you should make a video listening to FIFA songs, would be a cool video (ngl FIFA songs are probably the best songs in the world) Fifa as in the game about football

  • Isla

    In my music class at school, we had to do a parody of a song, and my friends and I turned Blinding Lights into an ode to dental hygiene (pearly whites) yeah we're so swag😎

  • Poppy Treend
    Poppy Treend

    Was that Daniel Thrasher? I love his vids!

  • Billy Goodin
    Billy Goodin

    Definitely agree about Watermelon Sugar, I didn’t care for it at first but the more i listen the more I like it.

  • Tomi Skies
    Tomi Skies

    Space girl isn’t by Chloe it’s by Francis Forever

  • Mark Stephen DeRosa
    Mark Stephen DeRosa

    LSD= Labrynth Sia Diplo - it's an acronym of their names.

  • The Venix
    The Venix

    When Roomie is listening to ,,Drivers Liscense” Roomie- Such a good song Roomies face- i feel pain

  • small CHUNGUS
    small CHUNGUS

    React to dutch music

  • ArtsyPants

    Joel it literally IS a les anthem

  • kevin the pigeon
    kevin the pigeon

    that song from one direction you were humming is "perfect"

  • Pin Gus
    Pin Gus


  • Lyssa Lectro
    Lyssa Lectro

    Dude, Driver's License is on the radio like 2-3 times an hour at least... I would definitely consider it mainstream pop, even though it started on TikTok.

  • Kerollayne Moreira
    Kerollayne Moreira

    12:55 "this feels like it's gonna be a lesbian anthem" buddy you are almost three years late but yeah

  • sequelz&editz

    LSD is Labrinth-Sia-Diplo

  • Ian Colmorgan
    Ian Colmorgan

    Too much oversexualization in mainstream music is the sole reason I don't like current pop music

  • Paula Keiša
    Paula Keiša

    "House of gold" always makes me cry

  • Lalrosanga Mampuia
    Lalrosanga Mampuia

    For one second stop copying billie eilish


    Tik tok songs just bad

  • hello nikki
    hello nikki

    Ill just waiting for corpse or Wilbur

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima

    Ok but like at least three of the mainstream songs blew up on tiktok first sooo

  • Ashl3y K3lly
    Ashl3y K3lly

    LOL when you listen to Watermelon Sugar enough times it grows on you. Like Harry planted a seed and it started to grow.. 😂😂

  • Buggy Toys
    Buggy Toys

    Bad Joel, no swears....only lil pitchy swears.....

  • Ashl3y K3lly
    Ashl3y K3lly

    That “skiiiiinnnn” part in the Bieber part was weird .. idk.

  • Lukas

    16:11 GTA 5 radio gang?

  • R A M
    R A M

    My girl taught me 34+35 and the first time I heard it it was just mumble music to me 😂 then she showed me the lyrics

  • BV

    "Focus on me.." The girl: *no*

  • Bluestar4535

    Joel: a lot of clothes over there. Me: isn’t that a closet?🤨

  • Roxanna Abhary
    Roxanna Abhary

    Ariana: ive been drinking coffee.. Joel: me too Ariana: and I've been eating healthy Joel: ME TOO

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored

    Is it just me or are we slowly shifting back into the 80’s but keeping the technological advances and global warming lol

  • Karla Paredes
    Karla Paredes

    Zara larsson it's so good!!!

  • Karla Paredes
    Karla Paredes

    I remember Clairo opening Dua's shows 💖

  • Oscar Dab
    Oscar Dab

    WHY DOUBT MY FAV SONG 34 + 35 >:(

  • Lisa Horsley
    Lisa Horsley


  • Wren Snowball
    Wren Snowball


  • Ellie-Maie Baldwin
    Ellie-Maie Baldwin

    Genius comes on Me : omg ssssssiiiiiiaaaaaaa!!!!!❤❤❤❤😵😵😵😵 Joel : Is that sia?😕 Me: what!!!he doesnt know thats sia!!!!!!!!😵

  • Natisha Evans
    Natisha Evans

    disney actor singing vs original singer

  • Zul Z
    Zul Z

    The tik fok focus give powfu vibe

  • z o e
    z o e


  • z o e
    z o e

    when i saw daniel i almost SCREAMMED love his piano skits

  • Maple 1010
    Maple 1010

    11:49 when he says Conan, the timing though.

  • Merbaby 2.7
    Merbaby 2.7

    How dare he disrespect Ariana and Dua Lipa my two favourite singers disrespected one after another.

  • Johnny Baird
    Johnny Baird

    Me when I open up a packet of vege chicken style chips 12:54

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia

    i’ve been playing both of dua’s album on repeat for years now but supalonley is so good toooo

  • Totally_Not_Skyler

    When he got to girl in red: 😳🤣

  • Marc Zoorob
    Marc Zoorob

    at 7:00 LSD = labrinth, sia, diplo

  • Michael Nielsen
    Michael Nielsen


  • Kruiser

    Did y I guys notice that LSD meant Labrinth Diplo and Sia

  • UnicornXD Galaxy
    UnicornXD Galaxy

    It’s love me to the daylight on 34+35

  • box box
    box box

    I feel like we fell in love in October was big before tiktok

  • 莉莉백합

    Conan is a huge swiftie though 😂

  • Ruby Mae D
    Ruby Mae D

    My dad and sister listen to quite a bit of LSD. My sister really likes the song showed

  • Ruby Mae D
    Ruby Mae D

    Sorry but I’m just gonna have to say it. I really don’t like Justin Bieber and I’m not a big fan of peaches but I’ll bob my head and lip sync the chorus a bit. (im an ex-fan. when I was about 4/5 I was obsessed, he’s was my first celeb rush but I just don’t like his style anymore)

  • Starlight

    you have got to react to piper rockelle songs

  • CrAzYy WeRiDo
    CrAzYy WeRiDo

    Everyone is just most open on tiktok :/ like i love all the artists mentioned but once you get fame, you get stress and that just doesn’t let your talent flow as easily

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    Ok I just love when he's listening to Peaches, vibing and shaking his head. Lol that made my day.

  • Aaron Grossman
    Aaron Grossman

    pls do this again

  • sleepyartist_57

    My little cave club heart did a flip when roomie liked Lemon Boy

  • Vilda Holstensson
    Vilda Holstensson

    blanks hair gives me spifey vibes

  • Senna P
    Senna P

    I thought genius was like one of the biggest tiktok sounds at some point?? :D

  • PsychoPath

    You cant just pick pretty girl over PEACHES

  • Panic Out
    Panic Out

    Rex orange country so good


    Ya love the car sounds

  • Melody

    .. cavetown is tiktok??? Ive never heard him on tiktok i found him on youtube haha

  • Katelyn Obrien
    Katelyn Obrien

    Justin-I don't sin Me-you just sined in the song peaches


    maniac is much better

  • Nexconix

    Fun fact:the LSD is actually just a short name for Labirinth Sia Diplo

  • Lucía García
    Lucía García

    React to Taylor's re-recording her albums!!!

  • Norton Frederick
    Norton Frederick

    Me in the car I like this part I thought I was the only one who said this Roomie I like this part

  • DimTim81

    I'm pretty sure SZA as Sizza is Wu-tang dialect.

  • Joanna V.
    Joanna V.

    8:55 This song reminds me of Death Bed by powfu and whatever the other person's name is

  • The Armchair Drummer
    The Armchair Drummer

    I actually hated hated hated still hate jb

  • Lara Allen
    Lara Allen

    Is he aware he looks like the guy from lemon boy rather than Ed shearan

  • Tina.Hororka

    My fave songs where the lyrics don't match the vibe and people who don't speak English do think those songs are happy songs are Delailah (Tom Jones) and Living on my own (Freddie Mercury)

  • Stinisfinis

    I got really disappointed when you didn’t choose Harry !!

  • EmpatheticDaredevil Haha
    EmpatheticDaredevil Haha

    My heart went ↖️🔃↖️↗️⤴️↔️↖️↗️↖️↔️↔️⬇️ when I saw Cavetown

  • Rosa Isela Castro
    Rosa Isela Castro

    34 +35= 69 you know it 69 ofc

    • Rosa Isela Castro
      Rosa Isela Castro

      34 +35=69 it 69 ofc and i know this song my mom love this song


    Can we just appreciate Danial Thrasher in the intro Hi I’m Joel from Roomie official and welcome back to another Daily video

  • Caycay kams
    Caycay kams

    Im honestly gonna download every song here 😀

  • Anna Wintle
    Anna Wintle

    I'm surprised that Death Bed wasn't in the Tik Tok songs. Maybe you could do a part 2 and add it?

  • Make It Madison
    Make It Madison

    I have a video idea! You should react to AJR 😁

  • Bryce Antonio
    Bryce Antonio

    Them saying Chloe Moriondo for Space Girl made me just laugh so hard. Love my girl Chloe but that’s allll Frances Forever

  • Fellow Human Maybe
    Fellow Human Maybe

    Me: **sees girl in red come up** My inner lesbian: *has celebration as i screech "MY GIRL MY GIRL MY GIRL"*

  • zezefafa

    nah ah, ur not the only one who smiles while brunomarsing

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