Famous Singers covering other Famous Singers
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Famous Singers covering other Famous Singers
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  • MetalBugs games
    MetalBugs games

    i do have to say for covering songs is that the metal and rock are really good at it. i think you should react to metal and rock bands playing pop songs

  • Patrik Jankowiak
    Patrik Jankowiak

    @RoomieOfficial JP Cooper... just i detta klipp hade tycker jag att hans cover på Billies all I ever wanted är bra mycket bättre och hans röst/ton generellt 🥰... gör en video på heeeeeeeeeelt okända artister... snälla.. tex. The Joy - Umakoti Ungowethu.. (förstår ej låten men låter kärleksfullt) snubben närmst kameran är fett underskattad... harmonin.. yes jag nördar musik på YT sedan dess existens men vill gärna att fler ska få njuta av allt gott för själen som inte bara är på repeat på radio 😅 peace ✌

  • Sid Naing
    Sid Naing

    roomie what do u think about rock and metal ? are they good or bad ?

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    Original - About A Girl by Nirvana, Cover by Puddle of Mudd!!! Assuming this is already known throughout now because it is SO terrible!!! I also think that it was done on purpose, not sure why though, because I cannot believe that he could sing that song so poorly without intent!!!

  • Kelsey Rawlings
    Kelsey Rawlings

    Do a reaction to palaye royales version of mad world its amazing!

  • Irish Pomroy
    Irish Pomroy

    Joel I love your videos but please don't insult guns n roses anymore

  • Sacred Exaltation
    Sacred Exaltation

    Imagine comparing someone to Freddie Mercury and saying the cover is better. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Princess Groose
    Princess Groose

    Bro the best cover of the “Familiar Faces” song is by Cleveland Brown, no cap.

  • Thalyson Mutz
    Thalyson Mutz

    Funny you say dua Lipa’s voice doesn’t stand out, I can’t even think of someone who sounds like her, she has such unique tone

  • John B
    John B

    Dua Lipa has a great voice.

  • Enamal

    11:03 Gears of war fans where you at? :( Rip dom

  • Ellie W
    Ellie W

    Imagine Dragons cover of “mad world”, “stolen paradise” (on SLtoos), “ blank space”, “stand by me” and “hand in my pocket” are all almost better then the original. Especially Stolen paradise :)

  • Jolly Joe
    Jolly Joe

    Should’ve done the chain by three days grace

  • ash k
    ash k

    Falling by Harry styles + little mix’s cover tho ❤️

  • dash 20
    dash 20

    Brendon is the god

  • Heros5k

    4:36 Actually expected Codfish, even though I know that wouldn't have happened.

  • braden fillin
    braden fillin

    You should really react to James Arthur doing covers of other artists

  • Ashraf assaf
    Ashraf assaf

    No diggity by chet faker is the BEST VERSION

  • Christine Rock
    Christine Rock

    John Mayer did a cover of message in a bottle that was much better.

  • Maxim Berdugo
    Maxim Berdugo

    How tf did none of the Nirvana Unplugged Covers make it?

  • Isa Jay
    Isa Jay

    aww I just love how much Joel likes Brendon :)

  • Angry Weedle
    Angry Weedle

    I like the pop punk covers and bands who do old if covers like out last night. They did the suicide hotline song and I personally like it better then the original

  • river

    you should react to the toms diner cover by annenmaykantereit

  • Stream Confetti
    Stream Confetti

    little mix's cover of love on the brain should be here


    chet faker killed the no diggidy cover

  • miquebts

    You should include Nelly Furtado covering time stands still original by Rush

  • DenDenSushi

    Dude Evanescence did a way better cover for The Chain you should give it a listen

  • Kayla Bellinger
    Kayla Bellinger

    I wanted The Chain to be followed by the Evanescence cover so badly. Now that's a different cover, and it's so damn good.

  • Hannah Bhubss
    Hannah Bhubss

    Joel should react to Hozier's cover of Artic monkeys songs.

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown

    Can we please get Billie Eilish to cover Mad World????

  • Daumurai

    So to summarize, Joel thinks he likes when the covers are different to the original, but most of the time he doesn't. Understandable.

  • Man United07
    Man United07

    To be honest, I liked the Guns 'N' Roses cover better than the original.

  • Jaye Ankney
    Jaye Ankney

    I knew that Bohemian Rhapsody would be Brendan Urie! An even better version of Mad World, in my opinion is Riverdale.

  • Rafael Camacho
    Rafael Camacho

    Look for Nick Murphy cover diggity

  • morphman86

    I like Mr B's version of No Diggity better than Ed Sheeran's. What's that, you say? Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer isn't famous enough? He used to be the lead rapper in Collapsed Lung. I think that's famous enough.

  • Foczasta Foka
    Foczasta Foka

    There was a song which either was titled Panic at the disco, or just had it in the lyrics, and I can only remember a small piece of it, but I remember watching the video on MTV when they still played music, and there was a well dressed guy with a moustache, and a woman in leather, and it was kinda lewd and provocative, but it was more a pop song and NOT by the Panic! band. But I just CAN NOT FIND IT, because all google gives me are the bands songs ;_; I've been frustrated for years now :( The guy was belting PANIC AT THE DISCO! and then going lower "Panic at the..." something something with a mobile I think :X I sound crazy, sorry :O If anyone can help me, I'll love you XD

  • Aaron Richardson
    Aaron Richardson

    He shuld do Jonny Cash's cover of 9 inch nails hurt

  • Amanda Mascarenhas
    Amanda Mascarenhas

    That Bad cover is just cringey 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Andrea Laura
    Andrea Laura

    Louis Tomlinson's cover of The Fray's "Look After You" from when he was sixteen is also pretty amazing!

  • Att Sean
    Att Sean

    Cher vs Adam Lambert

  • Angelo Soave
    Angelo Soave

    Slash’s guitar solo is the best part of the knockin on heavens door cover. If you’ve never listened to it check it out!

  • Zach M
    Zach M

    Too Good covered by Zara is actually a bop though, I’m diggin the hell out of that little funk sprinkled in there.

  • Rebecca Stadie
    Rebecca Stadie

    Is it just me or does Brendon Urie sound like Andrew Scott's Jim Moriarty a little?

  • Ihor Yushchishyn
    Ihor Yushchishyn

    It's sacrilegious to play Nirvana's songs using that guitar.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Mad World From Payale Royale is pretty sick and Aint No Sunshine from Zakk Wylde

  • RILEY.AIDEN 88914092
    RILEY.AIDEN 88914092

    0:00 W I D E B O I

  • Cécilia

    You need to listen to Lewis Capaldi's cover of When the party's over!

  • Sonja

    can you PLEASE listen to yungblud's version of 'Live On Mars'? thanks, sincerely, everyone.

  • Vanessa

    Lovvvvve guns n roses. Axle rose is a amazing singer

  • Jørund Bjørndal
    Jørund Bjørndal

    You should watch Rick Astleys covers of Titanium and Better Now. I want to know what you think of them...

  • De Wet Le Roux
    De Wet Le Roux

    You should listen to Mad world by Adam Lambert...

  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods

    Why is there not Machine Gun Kelly’s cover of Paramore’s Misery Business and All Time Low’s cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella

  • chrisdirt 197
    chrisdirt 197

    What about weird al yankovics I’m bad cover call fat

  • A Guy Who Randomly Reports Videos
    A Guy Who Randomly Reports Videos

    who the fuq is john mayer?

  • Mackenzie Reed
    Mackenzie Reed

    There's a video where Chester Bennington covered an Adele song and honestly his voice blew me away.. Definitely worth checking out

  • AxM officialchannel
    AxM officialchannel

    ORIGINAL: Hallelujah Leonard Cohen COVER: Hallelujah Jeff Buckley

  • SweDishTard Gaming
    SweDishTard Gaming

    I actually thought that Guns `n Roses made Knocking on heavens door. Haha! A new titel for video that you can do. Songs that are bigger as covers than original. If you have not already.

  • Mikayla J
    Mikayla J

    For me Hozier is amazing at covers. Especially Sorry Not Sorry. Also James Bay doing Delicate is great

  • Darth Xerxes
    Darth Xerxes

    He should listen to sound of silence cover by Disturbed.

  • Corey Abell
    Corey Abell

    You should’ve went with Blackstreet vs Chet Faker on No Diggity

  • Lenin Pak Ganern
    Lenin Pak Ganern

    I like it when Joel roasts a lot

  • Daniel Karta
    Daniel Karta

    Post Malone looks like Shia Le'bouf

  • Srishti Bisht
    Srishti Bisht

    Harry covering juice & Lizzo covering adore you

  • maddkiller

    Bob Dylan can write great lyrics, but dudes voice is annoying af

  • Babyface Future
    Babyface Future

    Joel: I like it when they change the cover also Joel: I don't like this cause they changing it

  • Ariana & Dream Smp
    Ariana & Dream Smp

    For a part 2 you should include Ariana Grande's cover of "Emotions" by Mariah Carey

  • Henry Stemme
    Henry Stemme

    I came not expecting anything but I was very positively surprised by a lot of them

  • Ben

    This is definetly missing ayo technology 50cent and milow

  • HaleThePanda

    Joel, Joel, joel... there is a way better cover of The Chain that was done by Evanescence that wouldve been awesome for you to put in this video!!

  • Dominique Carreira
    Dominique Carreira

    i was hoping so hard for it to be the my chemical romance's cover of under pressure that i almost threw my computer outta window

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    Jonny Orlando do the most

  • I I
    I I

    you should watch blank space cover by imagine dragon

  • I I
    I I

    joel: i like it when they change the cover also joel: i dont like this cause they change the cover

  • Saif Moazzam
    Saif Moazzam

    If u see justin beiber s love urself description or Ed sheeran s vid it clearly shows that it was mostly written by Ed sheeran but then later given to Justin

  • llux V
    llux V

    How about 'that girl' by mcfly

  • Abdulrahman Sumandar
    Abdulrahman Sumandar

    Hi, I would like to recommend little mix covered Falling by Harry Styles and Love on the brain by Rihanna. It's actually awesome trust me💟

  • Christine O'Neal
    Christine O'Neal

    TBH, the only version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" is by Guns'N'Roses.

  • Rachel Dickey
    Rachel Dickey

    Justin's is still better. Sorry Dua Lipa

  • Ofek B
    Ofek B

    You really shouldn't cut Slash and Hendrix's solos, its part of the freakin cover

  • T K
    T K

    You didn't know Hendrix's all along the watchtower before?!

  • Melissa Wilms
    Melissa Wilms

    I like how they wrote everything i ever wanted😂 it’s everything I wanted 😂

  • Petit Minou
    Petit Minou

    5:00 the Kygo remix is so good too

  • geekehUK

    Fleetwood Mac - The Chain, 4 minutes of shite followed by 30 seconds of the sickest guitar lick ever written. This song is literally the reason I got into Formula 1.

  • Isabella Chidiak
    Isabella Chidiak


  • Tejas Patade
    Tejas Patade

    4:03 Damn girl i think she badly wants to establish that She's Bad

  • Dante Jones
    Dante Jones

    Billie’s bad reminds me of a slow New Orleans style

  • AliceInWorthlesstown

    If you do this kind of video again, I have some suggestions for covers I love that are definitely different than the originals! Under Pressure by The Used and My Chemical Romance Blank Space by I Prevail Glad You Came by We Came As Romans And I Knew You Were Trouble by We Came As Romans Also I highly Recommend checking out some of the Punk Goes Pop albums. There are some ridiculously good cover songs of mainstream songs done by rock/punk/hardcore artists 😄

  • Amanda Dixon
    Amanda Dixon

    Oh geeze! There goes my age. For You I will by Teddy Geiger, 2006. I absolutely loved that song and had the whole album it was on. Way back before she came out and transitioned.

  • LeDiskoLove99

    Personally I think Florence + The Machine did the cover of The Chain way more justice, but Harry did a pretty good job.

  • Perla Rivera
    Perla Rivera

    Joel saying that there aren’t many guitar solos and me immediately thinking about Mitch’s solo in “She” by Harry Styles

  • Rodrigo Guzman bravo
    Rodrigo Guzman bravo

    I was ROFLMAO with this 18:02

  • Ryan Cornwell
    Ryan Cornwell

    I think that Brendon has a very clean voice which doesn’t work as well to bring the emotion out from the song.

  • Kara Grant
    Kara Grant

    I believe Love Yourself was written by Ed Sheeran originally.

  • Rovsea -
    Rovsea -

    I came back to this just in the hopes that one day you will compare Johnny Cash's rendition of Hurt to the Nine Inch Nail version, as I think it is a strong contender for the best cover song ever made. The music video that accompanies the cover is especially powerful and striking to me, and the song has a really interesting story, as it was the last song Johnny Cash recorded before his death.

  • SuperNoob1955

    Roomie. Where on earth is Muse’s cover of Hungry Like The Wolf?

  • NoggersOSW Review
    NoggersOSW Review

    So basically.. Modern songs get covered by more moderen people... Crap effort

  • sidhe21

    I am surprised that people didn't say Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails Hurt. I love both versions.

  • Denden Tolentino
    Denden Tolentino


  • Oskar Puis
    Oskar Puis

    The cover of "Roxanne" from Milky Chance and AnnenMayKantereit is amazing as well

  • Linux Jodi
    Linux Jodi

    My top 5 of famous singers covered other famous singers' work are.. 1. Jimi Hendrix, yeah, who literally "stole" Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower.. 2. Radiohead doing The Smiths' the headmaster's ritual.. 3. The White Stripes belting out Jolene's Dolly Parton.. 4. Michael Jackson's Beat It covered by Fall Out Boys and Slash.. 5. Well, this is a double entendre, Sonic Youth doing Superstar, originally by the Carpenters AND, SkadaddyZ, Hotel California..🔥🔥🔥🔥

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