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TOP 100 songs of the 1990s
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Edited by Martin Olsson

  • Brutus M.
    Brutus M.

    I’m still listening to most of these songs daily.

  • Κοκόλας Μπκρής
    Κοκόλας Μπκρής

    3:45 what like i know this guy but what

  • Κοκόλας Μπκρής
    Κοκόλας Μπκρής

    I know all of these and I'm from 2007

  • Subohm Gamer
    Subohm Gamer

    90s kill the 00s

  • Upside down
    Upside down

    Remembered everyone, good and bad memories lol

  • TheReaper

    Did I just space out? Where TF was Garth Brooks and NSYNC?

  • OhMyGoat

    6:42 wait what.. you are born in 88? you look so much younger tho :D

  • Travie and Faron
    Travie and Faron

    No Tonic, She’s So High from Tal Bachman or Stone Temple Pilots, what the hell.


    you said you thought Meatloaf was struggling, he has had voice issues in the past where he lost his voice completely.


    Soooooo much nostalgia!!!!

  • Joey De Haeck
    Joey De Haeck

    vengaboys was huge in europe

  • Chuuun Lee
    Chuuun Lee

    7:11 lol and that’s the same face that I heard “I have nothing.” So good omg

  • SquigglyCarton8

    Um... apartheid... was 90’s

  • steveleamont

    Just a bit off on your guess as to when Whitney passed! 😑🙄 You guessed the 90s!!!!!!! Come on!!!!!! How on earth are you that out of touch? Very disappointed in you 😞

  • Arif Budiman
    Arif Budiman

    Seriously??? Why there is no blink-182, greenday, limpbizkit and westlife songs??? And eminem only one song on top 100, i don't know how they made this list

  • Liberi Fatali
    Liberi Fatali


  • FlorianGuitar

    I was NOT READY for 3:45.

  • Troy Roy
    Troy Roy

    No billie Jean. Makes me sad

  • hunz kunz
    hunz kunz

    First time a downvote for a video from you cause u dissed the song from Meat Loaf...

  • Shatty Gaming
    Shatty Gaming

    you have to remember 90% of cheesy ballads were wrote for movies

  • Mkitten

    I love you Joel!!!

  • MR Katt
    MR Katt

    I hate Mrariah cary voice it's so annoying followed by celine oh and why are you always mention that you r straight guy .... wired and dislike

  • Ivan Ivanović
    Ivan Ivanović

    Smells like teen spirit literally nocked Micheal Jackson's black or white of the billboard number 1 when it came out, idk what you're talking about but for me thst is THE best song of the 90's

  • bobbycone2

    The fact the Spice Girls were above Smells Like Teen Spirit makes me angry! I'm totally fine with Celine and Whitney being #1 and #2 but spice Girls at #3?? Over Kurt???? NO!

  • Etrelley

    Nooooostaaaaaalgiaaaaaaa :'D

  • Adrick Lafadchan
    Adrick Lafadchan

    More rock in the 90's, rock on

  • Celeste Sharp
    Celeste Sharp

    Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You" about ending her "professional" relationship with Porter Wagner; whereas it was the main love theme in "The Bodyguard."

  • Celeste Sharp
    Celeste Sharp

    Look a t the one group named Corona "The Rhythm Of The Night."

  • ThaNameIsJAR -
    ThaNameIsJAR -

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Joel is 33 YEARS OLD!?

  • Felipe Fuentes Lyng
    Felipe Fuentes Lyng

    People still love 90’s music, you had to be there, you just had to, otherwise you wouldn’t understand

  • Kelly Kinney
    Kelly Kinney

    I love the 90s still my jams 😁

  • Error

    *me born in 2004 but knowing these songs and songs from the 80s and 70s* •-• (And it counts for the 50s and 40s etc)

    • Error

      I have a musical family..

  • Travious Andrews
    Travious Andrews

    Lmao i was waiting for macarena

  • beave200

    For those of us old enough to remember living through the 90's we know how cringe inducing and memeability we had for music but those songs are and forever will be remembered as the era of no freaking clue what genre the music fell into.


    only 90s and earlier kids know these 😊

  • Irene Bustos
    Irene Bustos

    Pump It was the Space Jam song, and that's why it was everywhere.

  • Irene Bustos
    Irene Bustos

    RHCP were, are, and will be massive! 🤘💜🇦🇷

  • Pascal Röhrig
    Pascal Röhrig

    That feeling when u hear all those songs

  • Genevieve Singh
    Genevieve Singh

    These were the best years growing up!!!!

  • Lacey Rodriguez
    Lacey Rodriguez

    So nostalgic! There was only like 2 or 3 songs from this that I didn’t remember. Even songs that I couldn’t stand at the time(and still don’t), brought back some fun memories that were attached to some of those songs. Thanks for posting!

  • AlegendKiller69 Buster
    AlegendKiller69 Buster

    "Everyones favourite canadian"...... cough cough Chris Jericho cough cough

  • Dustin Cover
    Dustin Cover

    I remember some other songs being HUGE on every station out there, hmm, could have been early 00s I suppose, especially with punk being SUCH a trend.

  • A_Lax_ Account
    A_Lax_ Account

    No Notorious B.I.G 😡🤬

  • Little Dragon
    Little Dragon

    Teenage Nostaglia hit. So reliving my teen years with this, but mine had more Country,, Celine Dion and Silverchair lol

  • Duelingumbra

    How was can't touch this above november rain. November rain is soo much better

  • Charles Rodgers
    Charles Rodgers

    6:50 what is a triangle? Obviously I'm not a musician but it sounded fine to me

  • tonilynn Johnson
    tonilynn Johnson

    Just saying Whitney's version is great but I prefer Dolly's version more. Just because it feels more heartfelt and gives me chills

  • Citizen Silent
    Citizen Silent

    Grayest thumbnail I've seen. Minus that r of course.

  • Mel B
    Mel B

    So no one has heard of KLF? 🤔Why no one remembers them, they was so good in the 90s,actually they still sounds good...well to bad

  • olivier Bourrée
    olivier Bourrée

    1:57 that's the question of someone who wasn't old enough to go clubbing in that decade.

  • Martina Strachotová
    Martina Strachotová

    Now... Im feeling my age too, thanks xD Love your smile, thanks for your work

  • leschatsmusicale

    NIne Inch Nails Closer should be in the top 10

  • Mamat Serdang
    Mamat Serdang

    Why don't you make a video songs 70's kid grew up with.

  • Ed il folle
    Ed il folle

    "Pump The Jam" was on Space Jam, Roomie!

  • B Nielsen
    B Nielsen

    In the 90s you needed talent to have a music career, today you need Auto tune

  • Cassie Finnerty
    Cassie Finnerty

    So much nostalgia. I remember buying my first cassette tape and it was Mariah Carey hero. Ah the memories of belting that in my bedroom in my youth.

  • Kyle

    14:33 *scattman sad intensifies*

  • mattwills87

    It was a vocoder used in the cher song and alot of the dance songs you haven't heard of might of just been big in the UK.

    • mattwills87

      It must of been love we never knew it was a Christmas song either

    • mattwills87

      I can't listen the "living without you" without hearing the x factor audition

  • Tricky!

    I’m really good at early 2000s and 90s and some 80s music.


    Look up Phillizz media and listen to his 90s mix. you're welcome

  • Bianca Melo
    Bianca Melo

    I literally made a playlist while watching this video hahahahaha omg this is so freaking nostalgic

  • Eric Best
    Eric Best

    Top 100 of the 80s please


    Yo, Seal - Kiss From a Rose and Voodoo Dolls - Iris... That's my sh*t bruv, and if you really wanna trip out if you're from our similar age group go listen to Sisqo - Thong Song again hahah! Stumbled on Thong Song randomly last night and you just have that moment where you're like oh haaaaaaail nah!!!!

  • Salty Korekiyo kin
    Salty Korekiyo kin

    Joel: *at number 18 already* Me: i'm still waiting for never gonna give you up. where is it? it wasn't there. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined disclaimer, i don't know when its from tho

    • Salty Korekiyo kin
      Salty Korekiyo kin

      @Stepladder thanks for the info bro ^^

    • Stepladder

      It’s an 80s song

  • KKY

    I only know the Good songs from that video And the Garbage that still was used listened to for some weird reason

  • Briana Istre
    Briana Istre

    Tears were welling up in my eyes bc of Eric Clapton’s song until I heard Joel pronounce Wiz as wheeze. Thank you, Joel. You saved me from bawling my eyes out. Also I call bullshit... where was the NSYNC?

  • Jenny Dale
    Jenny Dale

    In 1990 I was 7 so very much my childhood memories 😁😁

  • i’mcryinginternally

    Zombie~great song tbf should’ve been at least n3😩

  • Raluca Vicol
    Raluca Vicol

    Me, having a mom who'd listen to both 2000's and 1990's music and seeing this video after "100 songs that 2000's kids grew up with": I can't take this much nostalgia

  • Maximilian Kiel
    Maximilian Kiel

    German band on 15 yeah man we are not out off all at all 😂👍

  • Interzoo 04
    Interzoo 04

    Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

  • Jason Blessel
    Jason Blessel

    This was a great list that took me back to high school. Class of 99. But I couldn't be a subscriber. You are way too annoying. I almost closed the video several times.

  • essiewaggel

    Love this, makes me feel nostalgic too

  • skylerwd6

    Unpopular opinion: All I Want for Christmas is You is awful.

  • Andrew Hodges
    Andrew Hodges

    I've been in a mood lately. Me and my brothers shared 1 bedroom growing up in the 90s and they wee the best times of my life. I miss it

  • LeDiskoLove99

    Ahh sounds like my childhood! I love it.

  • Hi Lovely
    Hi Lovely

    Man I was waiting for *NYSNC

  • Crazy 88
    Crazy 88

    I’m a 2000’s kid and I grew up with at least 40 of these songs

  • Toasty Post
    Toasty Post

    I’m a 2010 baby but I know most of them

  • Hendri

    Wait what, no radiohead creep??

  • [OAT] stef Your brOATher
    [OAT] stef Your brOATher


  • Jozie M2
    Jozie M2

    4:31 but every time your dad hears the beetles.. Its because they have the classics radio station. Unless you have sirius radio what station do you listen to where you are going to hear Iris?!!! Or Goo Goo Dolls period for that matter.

  • Jozie M2
    Jozie M2

    Being a 90s kid, am I the only one that thought some of these were actually older than what they were?

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M

    I have 3/4 of the ACDC initials of my full name and just need to find someone with a C so I can change my last name and complete it.

  • Jozie M2
    Jozie M2

    4:18 pretty much my EXACT reaction. Flipping love this song. Put it on repeat ✋🥰

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff


  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff

    “MuSiC tHeSe DaYs iS gReAt” Music these days: all sounds the same, and is all about the same thing

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff

    What. The. Heck. Joel doesn’t know Crazy?! How?! I friggin love that song

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff

    If you watch 2:01 very carefully, you’ll see that under “writers”, Michael Jackson is the only one listed. Michael Jackson wrote that weird song. I don’t know what to think.

    • Wanda Maximoff
      Wanda Maximoff

      @Jozie M2 . . . I’m not talking about “Black Or White”, I’m talking about “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” by Vengaboys

    • Jozie M2
      Jozie M2

      What's weirder is I remember our class doing an interpretive like dance in elementary to this song with black and white gloves... 🤔🤔

    • Jozie M2
      Jozie M2

      Black or white... Of course he wrote it 🤔

  • imma imama
    imma imama


  • C O
    C O

    This list is ridiculous. Only 1 of the 100 songs reflect the grunge era.

  • C O
    C O

    I had just gotten my driver's license in 1990 so this is bringing up so many memories

  • ericajayne03

    Love this. All of this! Thanks, Roomie. ❤️

  • Ali Yousuf
    Ali Yousuf

    Christ when you thought Fugees were the original sample I wanted to just mainline arsenic. I'm not old enough to be tbs frustrated.

  • shamilpower92

    I think pump the jam was big also because of space jam

  • Suckmypokeballs

    Shout out to all the inbetweeners who got the best of both worlds and ended up listening to basically every genre of music 👋🏻

  • Timeree Aden
    Timeree Aden

    damn you! I cannot unhear that triangle now.

  • Bruuj Official
    Bruuj Official

    So nostalgic!

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude

    Where is the hotstepper

  • Danerin Vargas
    Danerin Vargas

    I knew ever song and I'm only 10

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